The Universe

Part 4

Code and self-imposed Limitations

February 3, 2014

The Code – further Effects

The information I received today don’t allow any doubt that the publication of the code was absolutely necessary. The code considerably influences other soul groups as well. Furthermore, dealing with these subjects opened up knowledge about the self-made limitations other soul groups have imposed upon themselves. And the main point is that all limitations can be deleted now.

To clause 1: I must not meddle.
I found two more subitems which were important for me:

  • I must not counsel anybody.
  • I must not be believed.

Limitations for everybody

In order to incarnate on Earth there are more limitations than I thought yesterday. The first limitation applies for all humans and even for many animals, according to their soul origin:

  • I must disturb my channels of perception.

I have to tell you how I found that out. For weeks now I have been freeing my channels of perception, especially my hearing centre because of my tinnitus. For a few days now my channels have been completely free but the noise never went away entirely and permanently. Clairvoyance and clairaudience are also things I am still waiting for.

Today I went through everything again asking where the problem was. Why am I not able to perceive perfectly and without interference? Eyes, ears, nose, tongue, the 7th chakra and all connections were perfect. Finally I found that one program in the 6th chakra, the central place of perception, wasn’t ok.  So I wanted to have the program for flawless perception but didn’t get it.

Strange, normally they give me everything. What is the matter? It turned out this program doesn’t exist. This program isn’t permitted in this reality. Bloody censorship!

So I found the statement “I have to disturb my channels of perception” and deleted the clause for me. After this I asked for the program again but it said there is no such program in existence. So it was not an excuse.

(Jesus was the only one with perfect programs. However he had to have them deleted after his performance which was admitted by the dark side in order to falsify it later for their own purposes.)

This means that no human can have a clear perception. This is a rather big revelation. What to do? I thought, being a creator soul, I should be able to create something like that. So I performed the procedure for the creation of the perfect program for the sixth chakra and it worked. Anunnaki and Wowos went to work. Thirty minutes later they delivered the new program for the ears and after ninety minutes the rest came, in all 220k programs.

Another clause is valid for all humans (not for animals):

  • I must disturb my communication channels

This is mainly about the form of communication which goes beyond the normal way of communicating. For this the organs belonging to the heart chakra are in charge: the balance systems. I should have notice this at the latest when my room started turning as if I were drunk. When I finally understood that they wanted to create a new program for that I was dizzy and sick.

Well, the software is ready. It has 1 million programs and has to go to the throat chakra, and 100k of it have to be downloaded into 11 body parts and their channels. At first, I had it downloaded only into the throat chakra and into the balance system; then I became dizzy again because the programs had to be downloaded into ten more body parts. I should have known, having used my left lower arm as a receiver for a long time.

More programs are being worked on. The heart chakra program is in working stage at the moment. It is going to take two hours. After this something for the solar plexus is supposed to come. If I call the programs Perfect Perception, the following are ready for the download:

  • Perfect Perception for front chakra 1.0 (220k)
  • Perception and Communication for throat chakra 1.0 (1MB)
  • Perfect Perception for heart chakra 1.0 (1MB)
  • Perfect Perception for solar plexus 1.0 (1MB)

Yes, 1.0, because I have been told that there will be improvements after rehearsals.
(The software for the heart chakra is finished by now. 100k of it have to go to the upper arms and the outside channel. The SP-software will also be 1MB and 100k of it have to go to six body parts.)

The two phrases “I must disturb my channels of perception” and “I must disturb my channels of communication” are deleted for all humans. Obviously I had the licence for that. Questioning confirms those clauses of self-imposed laws are not valid anymore.
Not everyone can ask for those programs at once. Like for any software, there are system requirements:

  • The number of blockages in the respective system must not be too large.
  • The rest of the programs in the respective chakra must be ok in general.

Although the clause may be deleted more contracts and curses may interfere with a working perception. So, preliminary work will be required in most cases.

Code for Lion Souls and Wowos

There is a separate code for them. It is said to have ten clauses. I haven’t looked for them yet because I had to deal with the list of the soul groups concerned first. I had found a clause which shocked me:

  • I must not be with my soul partner!

What? All lions, all Wowos are not allowed to live with their soul partners? I thought of a few lions I know and right, they don’t have the right partner, or they are alone. That is cruel. I deleted this clause but before I did I wanted to know who else is concerned by this. For this purpose I first had to know which soul groups are on Earth. This investigation brought quite new information as well:

The largest soul group on Earth is a group about whose existence I hadn’t known at all so far. I call it the Indian soul group. It has 3 billion people here. It begins in the West with Iran, then Pakistan, India, Nepal and many countries until Vietnam, then the Philippines and Japan. China, Taiwan and South Korea don’t belong to it although North Korea is part of it. Maybe this is the reason for the conflicts? This soul group came into existence 500.000 years ago.

The code doesn’t apply for this soul group but this group has limited itself very strongly with its own rules. I didn’t investigate thoroughly about them, either. The important thing was that they weren’t allowed to be with their soul partners, either.

Two billion humans don’t have a good soul origin. Other laws apply to those to begin with. 1.2 billion are living with a supplement soul. 800 million are living in the test phase.
I’ll just make a list here:

1 Indian soul group 3 billion
2 Humans with supplement soul 1.2 billion
3 Souls on trial 800.000
4 Positive aliens, 28 races 1 billion
5 Anudraki (Dragons/Anunnaki) 750 million
6 Lions 320 million
7 Mantis (mainly Russia) 3 million
8 Dragons 600.000
9 Anunnaki 420.000
10 Timeliner (Lemurians) 90.000
11 Wowos 50.000
12 Sirians 30.000
13 Plejadians 20.000
14 Whales (incarnated as humans) 20.000
15 Earth beings 8.000
16 Snakes 6.000
17 Dolphins (as humans) 4.000
18 Aldebaranians 2.000

A law to stay separated from their soul mate is not valid only for the following races: dragons, Anunnaki, time liners, Plejadians, Sirians, whales and dolphins.

However, however, however: except for the whale- and dolphin origins there are many souls among the aforementioned who have put upon themselves the separation, for example 10.000 dragons, 10.000 time liners, 2000 Anunnaki etc.

Well, people, now it becomes obvious where your partner problems come from. I have no idea what those limitations are good for. Back then I didn’t vote for them, that much I know. Perhaps they wanted to construct difficulties so there would be something to do. The invasion wasn’t to be foreseen, after all. The invaders were then well able to use the fact that people on Earth had weakened themselves.

Why ever, what way ever, I checked whether I was able to lift the forced separation for all groups and it said “yes”. Said, done, it’s deleted.

Now I need more time to find other limitations. Then I must test what can be deleted.

Addendum January 4, 2014

The Arch-Curses

This has to come in here as the end of this mini-series. This morning I found something I want to call arch-curses. The first curse was made by race C 500.000 years ago and it lies upon all humans and also on many animal species. It is phrased like this:

“Man must suffer!”

For animals it is accordingly different. It has 200.000 programs.

Race D repeated the same curse and perhaps specified it a little. This one has 60.000 programs and in general the same phrasing.

Although back then man didn’t exist yet, the project of the Lemurian soul to go into real existence was already on the table. That way all future forms of existence of the Lemurian soul were cursed.

The invaders weren’t lazy, either, and put ten more curses of this kind upon the souls of future mankind 60.000 years ago. Those curses have one million programs in total.

I was able to delete all these curses. However, this only means that the programs can now be erased from the souls and the energy systems of all people which hasn’t been possible before.
In order to delete all those programs from all people a mass activity of the helpers was needed. And a few hours later they had organised themselves to get started. Since 5pm my time deleting is going on and will be finished Wednesday evening. Work on each person takes 9 minutes. Maybe someone or other notices something. The things being deleted are the abovementioned curses and the programs against soul partnership.

After that the animals concerned are due. This is mainly about advanced souls. This should be finished till Thursday (5.2.).