The Universe

Part 3

The 4th Dimension, the Creator Souls, the Code

February 2, 2014


The fourth Dimension

The fourth dimension is something entirely different. There are no beings there. However, you can find the elements of consciousness there which were created by the creator souls. I had been wondering where they were. I asked myself whether they were able to incarnate, but they have no souls. They are probably rather elements of intention and work and are apparently needed in the fourth dimension.

The sixth plane of the fourth dimension contains the energy form which was needed for the creation of the universe. It is able to create all that exists, the matter of the planets and suns, souls and soul groups, our energy bodies, our chakras, simply everything.

Plane of creation – creation of the universe
Miracle healing – miracles in general
5 Elements of consciousness
4 Elements of consciousness
3 Supra-Healing
2 Elements of consciousness
1 Access control

The elements on plane 4 and 5 did this work. My question, whether they are still creating, was answered “yes”. But they don’t create new universes. They have enough of that. They create matter, namely in the central suns and astonishingly in our Sun and in our planet Earth. It is astonishing because no other sun and no other planet has this sort of luck.

It has been agreed that only 50% of this creating energy can be at their disposal after the finishing of all universes. This applies for all elements of consciousness and all beings who have access to this plane. If this kind of power were given 100% to a being it would be too great because, as far as I can grasp it all, not even the creator souls are perfect and may make a grave mistake. 50% is still a huge amount. You may not be able to create a planet but still every kind of miracles that are needed on Earth.

The energy of plane 3 I called supra-healing. Since this plane, like the others, is beyond time and space, time doesn’t play a role there. Therefore healing procedures which would take a long time with the healing energy of the 3rd dimension can be achieved in seconds. Large amounts of blockages, feelings, energy body damages can be healed very fast. Physical implants up to 1mm can be dissolved. Physical healing doesn’t work in seconds. For that you need plane 6. But also physical healing is accelerated by plane 3.

Plane 1, access control. This is going to be a longer chapter. This is probably what most people are interested in. How do you get access to the big power? Naturally, not everybody can get there easily because with those powers you can heal and destroy. Before I get started on this, here is the table of all ten dimensions:

Oversoul-Essence 1
9 OS und HS* of the Central Sun of this universe
8 Oversoul-Essence 2
7 OS und HS of the central suns of the galaxies
6 Oversoul-Essence 3
5 Wowo2-Plane - Oversouls and HS of beings and Sun
4 Plane of creation – Miracle healing – Supra healing
3 Time line 1 Time line 2 Time line 3 Time line 4

Access to the Plane of Creation

This chapter will probably be the weirdest I have written so far. Many things that are believed in esoteric and what I, too, used to believe, is thrown over. I thought we only have to remove our blockages and some day we just get our miracle powers. This is correct for many abilities – perception, telepathy, wealth, abundance, healing. But it is not enough for the planes of creation. For that I have to go far afield.

The Creator Souls

The Lemurian soul group, human, dragon, Anunnaki and their friends, the Lions, the Whales, Dolphins and others, only exist in a tiny corner of the milky way. We can hardly be found among the billions of suns of our galaxy. Add to that billions of other galaxies and a billion of universes, and we are very tiny and unimportant. On the other hand, there is a quite big specialty here.

And this specialty is: all creator souls are here with us. The one million creator souls have been part of the Lemurian soul since the beginning, 1.3 million years ago.

I find that rather exceptional. Whatever it is that is planned to happen here must be very special.

I have to dampen the expectations of all people with a religious tendency at once. The creator souls have developed rules and limitations for themselves through which they are in average as powerless as all of us. So first of all this means one thing: there is no divine justice as long as the creators are living in a state without power. Who is supposed to provide justice, after all?

The topic that I have to elaborate about now is pretty embarrassing for me. I tried to twist and turn it in order to keep Karin and me out of it and to report neutrally but it just isn’t possible.

We are stuck deeply in this story and I can’t operate us out of it without destroying the story.

But I am very sure that this information has to get out in the open so that other events can start to enrol.

All creator souls are with us in some form or other. 199 of them are incarnated at the time being. 130 of them are Anunnaki rebels who have been exchanged during the last months. 69 have been born normally. 67 of those are living in 67 countries and don’t have a clue who they are. 2 of them are just in the process of waking up.

The 130 walk-ins are also distributed in a way that only one is in one country. It is however possible that one walk-in and a normally born are in the same country. I only know that it is so; why that is I don’t know.

The rest, ca. 1 million, is within our dimension on plane 7, as helper spirits.

300 are Anunnaki. All others have a dragon and Anunnaki origin.

The Code

Firstly, the code contains the self-imposed limitations of the creator souls, and secondly sets rules for the authorizations of normal souls. It is valid for the souls who are incarnated on the eighth plane of the third dimension, ergo with us. The necessity of the code arose when the first souls wanted to step onto the eighth plane, ergo reality.

That was 950.000 years ago, as I found out. Therefore the dragons were the first beings in our reality. The other races like Lions, Whales, Dolphins, Drakos and Mantis changed to the 8th plane 450.000 years ago. My statements about copying the body shapes are correct because the shapes already existed on the 7th plane.

It looks like the dragons performed the test run for the real form of existence and all the other races were watching whether all this could work.

So before the first dragons came into reality the rules were established in form of the code. There were disagreements among the creator souls about the definition of the various clauses of the code. There turned out to be six parties with different opinions:

3    2.000    900    20.000     50.000     ca. 1 million

That is how large the groups were. The more to the left the group was from the majority the more their opinions differed from the majority’s opinion.

The separate rules of the code were a result of the basic intention of the free development for all souls. Each created soul shall have the right to decide freely without the creator souls influencing their will. That is why the code consists mainly of clauses by which the creator souls put a limit to their own power. Other clauses control the permissions of the created (normal) souls

The code consists of 13 clauses. The order is random:

  • I must not meddle.
  • I must not do harm
  • I must not block the free will of others.
  • I must not kill.
  • I must not create matter. I must not dissolve matter.
  • I must not stand out.
  • I must not know who I am.
  • Rule for the usage of the Supra-power for the creator souls
  • Rule for the usage of creative power for the creator souls.
  • Rule for the usage of Supra powers for normal souls
  • Rule for the usage of the powers of the third dimension, except transformation of matter, for all souls.
  • Rule for the usage of the powers of third dimension to transform matter.
  • Rule for the usage of human bodies.

For the 199 creator souls and those who want to come yet this code is a non-removable blockage. So who is one of them but doesn’t know about the code cannot get far with their liberation.

For example point 5: “I must not change matter”. To this end contracts were made between the creator souls, for example with Id or Anu. (Antu, Enki and Enlil are not creator souls.) The established programs were written into the soul where they were copied into the root chakra and blocked the matter-changing powers. If you find the contract, you can’t delete it. This works only as soon as you have deleted clause 5 of the code for yourself.

The code can be deleted for oneself. However, I don’t tell the procedure because those who are concerned by this have to do important steps for their liberation and self-awareness first. And then they can come to me anyway. If someone is thinking “I am so blocked, this must be because of the code”, then it’s most likely not them. So, you have to have a good perception as to whether you are concerned.

About the 69 normally born ones: Only one person in Germany is concerned, and he is in a management section of the electronics industry. Austria and Switzerland don’t have a creator soul. The 130 walk-ins don’t have access to the fourth dimension at the moment but they can free themselves already from a lot of blockages they have taken on. The walk-ins were the bad guys, after all, now with a new soul. This very likely doesn’t apply to you.

The activation of the “special powers” happens through programs in the so far unused parts of the chakras. The chakras have capacity for 9 million programs much less of which is used normally.

Explanations to the Clauses:

To 1: I must not meddle:

Through this clause it becomes impossible for a creator soul to control the history of mankind. No hidden magic whatsoever, no miracle power can have any effect. Things must be left as they go.

One further statement has to be found and erased separately: “The existence of the creator souls is to be kept a secret!”

To 2, 3 and 4: I must not do harm. I must not block other people’s free will. I must not kill.
I believe there have been disputes about those three clauses among the creator souls. It means, after all, that I can’t do anything against evil beings. Nobody apparently thought things would get so bad.

To 5: I must not create matter. I must not dissolve matter.

This is only relevant for creator souls who have access to the plane of creation. Only two souls have that so far.

To 6: I must not stand out.

This concerns appearance, behaviour, abilities and craftsmanship. Always remain average.

To 7: I must not know who I am.

This is understandable. The creator souls want to be able to lead a normal life, like other people.

However, this has nothing to do with the forgetting of former lives. The frequent dying and reincarnating wasn’t contained in the original plan. It only was forced on us through the invasion and isn’t to be considered a normal procedure.

To 8: Rule for the usage of Supra-power for the creator souls.

Access to the fourth dimension, plane 3, can only be given by an incarnated awakened creator soul. Who recognizes themselves as creator soul can give themselves access by finding out about the procedure and performing it.

To 9: Rule for the usage of the creative powers for the creator souls.

This rule is very strict. There are only two souls who have access to the plane of creation. And only if one of those souls is incarnated and awakened, it can, according to its own judgement, install the access code in other creator souls. This access is not considered for normal souls. Since the creation of the worlds only 50% of this power is accessible by design, for humans, suns and central suns.

To 10: Rule for the usage of the Supra powers for normal souls.

Humans (souls) who are not among the creator souls can be granted access to the Supra plane permanently. An incarnated awakened creator soul has to decide and perform this. The access criteria are:

  • Knowledge, understanding
  • Clearness of perception
  • Loving basic intention
  • Individuality

Since one can heal and destroy with this power these criteria are important. Most people will have problems with perception. Many clairvoyants get mislead by beings and can be induced to wrong actions. The same goes for all ways of perception. This doesn’t mean however that you have to have 100% mistake-free perception.

A strong individuality is important in order not to be drawn in by the opinion of the crowd. One’s own intention, one’s own path is the priority.

Those powers (access codes) have been given to a few persons 2000 years ago. I can’t find anyone else.

To 11: Rule for the usage of the powers of the third dimension for all souls.

All powers of the third dimension are at full disposal for all incarnated beings (human, animal, plant, but also to all physical forms of existence on other planets). Our third dimension puts many powers at our disposal which are unused only because of our many blockages. Many paranormal phenomena happen through the powers of our dimension.

To 12: Rule for the usage of the power of transforming matter. This power is part of the third dimension.

This power is at our disposal in the third dimension. It doesn’t contain the creation or annihilation of matter but the metaphysical transformation of one material into another. This power is not at common disposal. It may be used by

  • certain sorts of plants. The choice of the plants and the kind of transformation was made by a group of (creator) Anunnaki. These plants are supposed to provide essential substances for humans.
  • incarnated creator souls, if they are sufficiently awakened to erase the clause in themselves.
  • Humans who were empowered for it by incarnated creator souls. Criteria as in clause 10

The authorization is written into the soul via a procedure. It is valid therefore also in future lives. In the past, ca. 500 persons have been authorized for it. That was about 4000 years ago.

To 13: Rule for the usage of human bodies.

All Lemurian souls, as well as snake- and Earth being souls are allowed to incarnate as humans on Earth. Souls of other soul groups need the authorization of a human soul. This happens on plane 7 of our dimension, ergo on our soul plane.

Walk-ins also need such an authorization. The violent taking of a human body was only possible through very negative forces and technologies of races C and D.


I didn’t know about the code until now. It causes mixed feelings in me, and I think, also in other readers. A two-class-way of thinking comes up that I don’t care for. I always used to think that all of us are equal. I don’t like to be superior or even only different. I can only feel comfortable among equal and kindred spirits. I believe or hope you know that.

My deciphering of the code may of course be faulty. Necessary corrections will be done as additions.

PS: Now at the latest certain websites will be making fun of me thoroughly.