On my website there is information which afterwards turned out to be wrong. I want to go further into this now.

My website has turned into a journal automatically because of new events and information on a daily basis, and I will not make any corrections there. If there was something wrong it was according to my current level of development. It will stay there the way I perceived it back then.

I can confirm most statements as correct as seen from now. I will show a list of the topics right after this. There is actually only one subject where I was lead on a wrong track for some time and this is the fight against the “evil” souls who are incarnated as humans. There are two reasons for this:

  1. I had piles of contracts which didn’t allow me to attack the evil souls. In former incarnations of mine evil beings had achieved to force those contracts on me.
  2. The incarnated evil beings have astronomically high shielding. I was confronted with numbers that have 90 billion zeros. If you want to write them in a row the circumference of Earth isn’t enough.

The shields and the hidden contracts are the life insurance of the incarnated evil souls. And through them they were safe until now.

Topics which have turned out to be false, starting from June 2013:

The moon base in the freeing of the Reptos and the respective UFOs. Everything was an invention. The Repto-breeding facilities on Earth however were real.

The thing with the truth energy

The Anunnaki exchange program

Some activities against the evil races were without effect.

A general Overview of Topics that I perceive as correct:

The eliminating of extraterrestrial ethereal bases, soul containers and UFOs. The liberation of enslaved crews and souls in the containers.

The destruction of the enslavement facilities for Earth snakes and Earth beings and the liberation of these souls

The elimination of the energy pools and the recovery of the chakra parts

The elimination of the bigheads

The liberation of many enslaved races

The elimination of large amounts of hostile spirit beings (race D, Deltas and invaders)

And many more.

Then there are topics which are independent from my contracts and therefore in general correct. For example:

The human energy system

Blockages of our energy system

The universe and its dimensions

The history of the soul races

And many more.