Phase 4

January 2014


Date Article Theme
2.1. Journal 1 Surveillance system
Endless Blockades - Tinnitus
Monitoring system
Higher Self
Anunnaki Contracts
3.1. Race D-Souls
Absence of Odor
4.1. D-Souls
Lemuria and Atlantis
Eleven Creatures
Evil programs in our Household
Earth Energy and Prophecies
5.1. Article 1 The 500er Program Package
6.1. Journal 2 The Lemurian Soul Group
The Soul Group of the Guardians
Big Soul Expulsion
My Contract Partners say Goodbye
7.1. Earth Energy is stabilized
Design and Copyright in the Universe
The Age of the Races
8.1. Journal 3 Miniature- and Micro possessions
9.1. Dinosaurs and Neanderthals
Dimensions and Planets
11.1. Day X – January 12
The Chakra Parts – Part 1 - The Root Chakra
My Ear Noise
The 500er Program Packages
Day X – not quite
The Chakra Parts – Part 2 -Side Chakras – Foot Chakra
The second Chakra

Journal 4

Day X – Part 2
The Connections of the First Chakra
The Heart Chakra (Parts and Connections)
The Root Chakra of the Solar System
14.1. Day X – Part 3
Negative Feelings
The Hand Chakras
Cleaning Works
15.1. Cleaning Works
The Throat Chakra
Nasty Programs
Laptop Sabotage
16.1. Journal 5 Deleting Nasty Programs
Good souls, bad souls
17.1. Activities Of The Helpers
How many programs does man need?
18.1. The Support of Projects
Deleting Nasty Programs – Part 2
500s and Illnesses
19.1. Journal 6 Solar Plexus Chakra – Chakra Parts
Assignment to body parts
Angels who guard contracts
20.1. Contracts With Angels
Contracts of soul groups
Soul groups on the island of Hispañola
Some data
22.1. Contracts with Angels
Current Projects
New: Supporting, Blocking, Switching Off
22.1. Artikel 2 VIP-Verträge
24.1. Artikel 3 Körperteil-Behälter
26.1. Journal 7 Activities
Body part container and disease
Emotion layers
Subtle environment magic
30.1. Universe 1 The Universe - Part 1 - Galaxies, Time Bases, Dimensions, Creator of Souls
30.1. Universe 2 The Universe - Part 2 - 1. 2. and 3. Dimensions, Layers, Timelines