Part 14


September 18, 2013

Double-soul Magicians and Bosses

This is the hard core. They are invaders or Deltas of the 2nd generation who have been given a second invader’s soul. In order to eliminate them I need two steps: first a separation of the souls which takes a few hours. Then the main soul can be removed relatively fast.

Such dangerous fellows are still in important positions but I think they can still be gone during September. I get groups of 50.000 bad guys delivered 4 times a day. This might be going like this for a while.

During the last few days they brought me friendly souls to which an invader was attached. Only now the really bad guys are coming for send-off.

They don’t seem to like that for they have been attacking again, after a long period of peace.

Bigheads again and again

Sometimes there are huge amounts of BHs, even up to 100 billion, but it seems to me as if they were all from different depots. There is one depot with a million, one with 100 million etc. About 10 times a day such a group comes.

A few single ones sneak in in order to falsify my results but that is not so simple anymore.

Robot Prisons

Except for today I got deliveries of people 4 times a day who were in connection with captives in robot prisons. As I reported before these people can be in quite a misery because their soul has to stay outside the body in order to hold the connection. The last group came yesterday with 500.000 people to whom many millions of prisoners must have been connected.

At the moment none are sent anymore but I feel that those haven’t been the last ones. Maybe I have something to learn yet.

Relief regarding attached Groups

For me and Karin the subject has been over a week ago. But in friends the topic came up again, a problem with 24 groups. I didn’t want to go through them so I asked the helpers if they could manage by themselves and it worked. Maybe you still have to find the number of the groups but who knows how this is going to develop.

The new Trend – Life without Chakras

This is the latest hoax of the invaders. It is clearly of their making. They say you don’t need the chakras at all. You can live much better without them. Yes, people, just leave your chakras in the hall and you are illuminated at once! Have fun!

That way they can do all they want with your chakras.

September 19, 2013

False Bighead Amounts

During the last three days the bigheads were able to mock me concerning their own numbers. A group of 100 bigheads kept me busy for an hour with large amounts of fake bigheads yesterday morning until I found out about them and noticed it was only a small group.

Normally I am able to uncover their attempts to deceive me easily. If a result seems to be suspicious to me I ask, “Are there bigheads present?” And if there are any they can’t manage to suppress the “yes”. A silly example:

Do I have 17 fingers? – Yes.
Are there any BHs? – Yes.
Have BHs eliminated.
Do I have 17 fingers? – No.

Well, this is simple. But what to do with the following question?

Are there BHs?  Yes.
A million? – Yes.
Ok, and what do I do if I don’t believe the number? I don’t need to ask whether there are BHs because there are BHs…

Well, I think you got the problem. That is why they were able to deceive me during the last three days. There hasn’t been any damage. I just lost a little time.

There are still bigheads. And while I’m at it I’m going to explain why 100 million and more are possible. Thus moving on to the next topic:

Crazy People – only half of it

Yesterday we were sitting in a restaurant when the loca with the flower walked by and struck us as loca as ever. Karin looked in her eyes and this elicited a diabolical laughter in her. Creepy.

Later on the Haitian passed by. It struck us that dogs started barking every time in his presence, as they did yesterday evening. Karin pointed this out to me and said there had to be beings with him to which the dogs were reacting.

So I checked him for beings and found 10 BHs. There were also 10 BHs with the woman. There were mostly 10 or 20 with all the others as well. Of course I eliminated them. (But this evening I found new BHs again with all of them.)

The BHs have to go, otherwise there can be no peace here. I also think that BHs are still attached to double-soul-gangsters in press and politics.

A friend told us today that a woman in our village, quite normal until recently, started acting “loca” all of a sudden. I found 15 BHs with her. But why this woman? I found a second soul in her – Anunnaki. It had contact to 20 groups of 100 Anunnaki.

I had everything done. I’m curious if they will send her BHs again.

The Symbiosis with the Flies

Since this morning many smaller groups of bigheads are coming, about 10.000 through 10 million. 10 million would belong to one million locos, so these numbers are quite alright.

Later I went working on my laptop and of course wasn’t concentrating much on BHs. I only noticed that much kept going wrong and I didn’t feel well. The cause was a group of BHs which I was to remove. I did. But I wanted a better solution and asked if I might have my fly back as a BH-alert.

I tell you, people – not a minute went by and there it was. And I eliminated BHs, went on working on the laptop – and it was back in a second. This went on for half an hour. More than 20 groups were done this way one after another.

Then there was a break with the BHs and no fly in sight. A little later I was lying on my recliner and my cat Miko was in my view. Then I see a fly bothering him. He always reacts funnily with his skin twitching and tail beating. And it was a group of BHs for removing. Now the round-up went on with Miko. I kept watching him and when he started twitching I removed BHs. The fly only left him seconds to rest. I think there were another 30 group of BHs, mostly about a million.

Soul Separation

Again and again in 50.000 blocks. Ca. 450.000 of the bad ones so far. All souls are being separated from those.

Body Channels

I want to call the connections between physical body and chakras channels, in order not to mix them up with other chakra connections. There are more channels than those I listed before. Each side of symmetrically organised body parts has its own channel. The teeth even have 4 channels – up, down, left and right. Furthermore, the gums belong to the heart chakra. So, who wants to check their tooth problems has quite some questions to ask:

Teeth up, down, left, right with root chakra
Gums u, d, l, r with heart chakra
Jaws u, d, l, r with root chakra
Jaw bones with root chakra (one connection all bones)

There may be several causes for tooth problems at the same time.

In hand and feet the thumbs and big toes have a channel each to the root chakra. The other 4 fingers or toes also have one respective channel. Ergo the fingers of one hand have two channels.


If the channel between solar plexus and ear has been closed for many years, a change happens within the ear which causes the noise. If the channel is going back to normal it takes ca. two weeks until the physical change recedes.

This is what I found out and I have to wait another 11 days until this has healed in me.


A group of demons (up to 100.000) attached to the house or grounds was repeatedly the cause for haemorrhoids. The demons did not make the haemorrhoids. It’s the fact that beings have to be healed in/around your house.

I have found out a lot about the channels and body parts but today I am too tired to report about it.

September 20, 2013

Again, something important occurred:

The Astral Body – the unknown Being

In the light of recent events I have to deal with the astral body today. Up to now I haven’t had much knowledge about it but this has changed a little. And it turned out to be important. First of all, here is the structure of the astral body like I have analysed it today:

The Astral Body

The four chakras 3 through 6 are reflected in the elements 3 through 6 in the astral body. These elements are not to be compared with the chakras. They have fewer abilities. They are no energy centres, either.

The connections between the chakras 3 through 6 work both ways and are inseparable.The connections between basic element and power chakras only work one way, towards the chakras. They are also inseparable.

The four upper elements can only have exchange via the basic element.

We already know that one can put false karma into the chakras by abducting the astral body. However, there are further possible sources of interference in the astral body which have an effect on the etheric body and the physical body.

So far I have discovered:

  • False programs created by ourselves, and
  • Alien manipulations

There is a manipulation on element 6 which has an effect on the neural system. The effect is that no energy flows in this person. This also means that you can feel no energies and do no questioning. Also, no healing energy can come from outside.
The energies in the channels are flowing, though, but you can’t feel them.

I had found a false program in element 5 but I don’t know what it did. I just removed it.

Then I found a manipulation in my basic element. It had worsened my digestion. There was a manipulation of the element in Karin, stings in the heel. No idea what the connection is. Anyway, I removed all manipulations. I think, after that you still have to dissolve energies until the symptoms disappear completely.

As a miniature of the etheric body, the astral body controls our body while we are asleep, no matter whether we go on astral travels or not. It influences the vegetative neural system, for example, it prevents us from wetting the bed in our sleep. What more it does, what it can and cannot do, still has to be researched. In any case it may be cause for health damages and therefore has to be included in our questioning.

Mental Body and Symptoms

Painful abscesses on the head are caused by false beliefs in the mental body. Old convictions from former lives are still seated in our mental body. Since they don’t fit at all to our new views they rarely emerge to the surface. Then they express themselves physically.

How painful this may become can be influenced by erasing false beliefs. You don’t even have to know what they say. I just count them and erase this amount. It might happen that the next day more beliefs emerge which have to go. This relieves the pain.