Part 13

September 8, 2013

The Hard Core

There is a hard core, people in high positions, who were not exchanged because they can’t be exchanged. These are invaders and Deltas who at some point came as walk-ins and are at present living their third life in a human body. The first life was as a walk-in. In their second life they were already complete humans with all chakra connections, although still with their hostile character. That way many were part of the realisation of the first or second World War – perhaps for practise.

First I found John Kerry as an invader soul in his third performance. Then I found Barack Obama as Delta soul, also third performance. I was apparently quite wrong in believing he had been exchanged. No, he was no walk-in in this life and therefore not exchangeable.

In the US government, senate and congress I found 35 invaders and 7 Deltas of this type. 30 invaders are in the government, 4 in the senate and one in congress. Angela Merkel is such a Delta, too, but I didn’t check more people.

It might be interesting whether those beings have developed enough humanity for them to change on to a more human path in the absence of bigheads and magic. They either have to change or they must go, I think. Those people are not legal anyway since their first arrival was an illicit, violent act.

I think that we need quite fast, an activity to remove those beings from their position of power, be it astral or real. The fact that I found out about all this allows the conclusion that something is going to happen soon.

Hours later:
I simply took matters into my own hands and tried to incapacitate those beings. In many cases I got clear confirmation for my work, not for example for Obama. Maybe he is still needed to be thoroughly embarrassed later?

Implants in Chakras

It is possible that for some reason these implants were not visible until now. In any case I haven’t seen them before. They look a bit like sea stars but with six legs. With these they are attached in a way so that they sit in the centre of a chakra. The chakra can be brought down to almost zero or it does crazy things, according to the program.

Like I said, the chakras change a bit slowly. Perhaps you can notice changes after a week. For me this knowledge is still new so I cannot present any results. But I found those things in many people already and I’m curious of the changes. I am making the subject known already so others can experiment with it, too. I think the removal can make huge differences.

Souls in Robot Captivity

I have been working now, but also during the past months, with people who had a connection to captive souls. These souls are being held prisoner by robots on some planets. Freeing them must be done with help of the Betas who are able to pull back the robots. But the Betas can’t do it by themselves. Since they exist in a different time base they need a human as channel.

So the prisoners have to be found or they can’t be freed. Mostly it works like this: a person has a symptom of which they simply can’t get rid. The symptom however is the hint to the captive souls. As a healer you have to find out about this since the patient will never let go of the symptom until the souls are found to which they have held contact probably over thousands of years.

Since my cat Miko is just beginning to have new open skin spots I looked intensely for the cause. I found out it was something karmic and that it was about other souls. There were 12.000 Lion souls whom I tried to free without success. Then I remembered the robot prisoners and that was the solution. Now I have high hopes that his problem disappears but I had that several times before.

Miko’s origin is four-legged Lion. He had some animal incarnations and four times he even was a human; quite extraordinary. I feel he might have taken on too much being a human. The four-legged Lions are not so far developed. The captive souls however were upright Lions. How they made contact with Miko I don’t understand.

September 9, 2013
The hard Core – Part 2

As expected the invader- and Delta souls of the second and third generation were delivered to me. Ca. 45.000 humans with invader- and ca. 62.000 humans with Delta soul origin were sent to me today within a short time. It is possible that they also won’t survive September but I’m not so sure about that. In any case they have been incapacitated in some way.

By the way, there were souls of that type also among the 231 million black magicians.

But this is not all. There are also:

Permanently installed Additional Souls

These are people in whom there have been one or more additional souls installed permanently. This can’t be done by magic. It is also not to be compared with possession or a walk-in. Those additional souls have been installed into the human energy system with much effort and are not easily separated. It takes the helpers about 12 hours to remove such a soul again.

It began Sunday morning when a friend of ours came to us totally upset and wanted us to lend him some money so he could bring his girlfriend’s mother from one hospital to another. He made quite a fuss and a lot of phone calls until we lent him 50 Euro in the end.

We knew his wife was in a hospital but the rest was a lie. The phone calls were faked. The stress, the outbursts – all faked. He wanted to spend the money on drinking on Sunday.

Normally he is not like this. He is friendly and helpful normally. In short, through him I found the topic of the two souls. In him I found the main soul to be Earth, type dragon, and the second soul was a Delta. This second soul was installed with the purpose of terrorising his new girlfriend – which succeeded so far.

I’m writing this private story so you can see how strongly a character can change when the second soul takes over the body because this problem concerns quite some important people:

Barack Obama
• Main soul = Earth/dragon
• Second soul = Delta
• Third soul = Delta

Angela Merkel
• Main soul = Earth/dragon
• Second soul = Delta

Francois Gérard Georges Nicolas Hollande
• Main soul = Anunnaki
• Second soul = Delta
• Third soul = Delta

David William Donald Cameron has only one soul and it is of invader origin.

Well, I don’t know so many important people. Naturally I ordered the soul separation.

A little later, at 4pm today, I got an assignment: 200 humans with additional souls. I found out that they were mainly US-officers, many of them in the Mediterranean area. The job will take 12 hours so I will be able to continue this night at 4am. But I think I’ll delay that to a more convenient time.

It did go on before 4am. Obviously it takes time until the humans are collected but there is enough capacity to work on all of them simultaneously.

Time Number
4pm 200
7pm 60
8.20pm 600
8.30pm 1000
8.40pm 2000
8.50pm 2000
9pm 600
9.10pm 1100
9.20pm 600
9.30pm 1100
Sum = 9260

The capacity seems to be reached but there will be more. The total amount is unknown in advance.

September 10, 2013

The topic of separating additional souls is continuing. I notice in irregular intervals that some are present again; once 4000, then 2000, just before 400. Twice only six persons came. It said these were presidents. VIPs! I haven’t written down the exact numbers because I did the first ones this morning half awake and I fell asleep again. It doesn’t matter. I just go on with it until nothing happens anymore.

Additional Souls as a Link to captured Souls

We have two cats. Miko is the one with the open wounds which lead me to the captured Lion souls. Mopsi, his mother, has a quite different problem. She can’t make a single pleasant tone. Everything sounds like a complaint. And that is really irritating.

I looked at her soul and bingo, she has three. Her origin is four-legged Lion like it is suitable for a cat; but then there are two more dragon souls. What is this? The two dragon souls were the contact to 200 captured dragons. Sure enough – robot prison.

It seems that these souls that are held by robots cannot be found unless some “free” soul is holding contact to them. It was the same with Anu and Enki. I was only able to find them via Karin. She was holding contact without her knowledge.

I once had a person whose snake soul part simply could not be found. Finally I found the robot prison. Many Earth snakes were captured there, and we got all of them out. His snake stayed there until all others were safe. It wanted to make sure no soul was lost.

So there is actual danger of not finding souls anymore, and therefore there is always some free soul holding contact to these prisoners in spite of the disadvantages for themselves.

Now about people who accepted quite many disadvantages:

Crazy People

Here they are called “Locos” and everybody knows what that is; it means people who behave quite extraordinarily in public. They are obviously not of a clear mind. One would be glad for them not to run about so annoyingly and conspicuously. One would rather be rid of them.

However, as I noticed this afternoon, they are so conspicuous because they have a message to normal society. They have contact to imprisoned souls, and those might be our very own soul parts, be it Lion, Wowo, Dragon, Snake or Earth being who are still in captivity.

One Loca came to our table again today and wanted to have a few pesos. With her bald head and most times half naked she collects money – they say for drugs. We didn’t give her anything since she’ll come again and again after that but she gave us a flower today and went away. This reminded us that we wanted to have a look at her.

Well, and now pay attention! Her soul origin is dragon, second and third soul are Wowo2. And those two souls held the connection to 90 imprisoned Wowo2 souls (I assume they were planning to incarnate otherwise they could not have been captured – within space and time).


A Haitian homeless guy keeps building little ships and tries to sell them. A while ago I saw him sleeping on a narrow wall. Klingons would be envious for sleeping so uncomfortably.

First soul = dragon, second soul = Wowo2. Contact to 170 captured Wowo2 souls.


The Car. That’s a young man, actually always cheerful, but sometimes he has to be a car. So he uses the street and makes an impression of driving. Next thing he parks backwards. The best is the honking. He is able to make sounds exactly like a car. He could participate in a talent show. He can also be a bike. But he is sometimes forced to enact this, in the middle of the road. Well, people know him already and keep laughing.

Today we met him “by chance” in the supermarket, otherwise I would have forgotten him. Main soul = Lion. Souls 2, 3 and 4 = Earth snakes. 20.000 captured Earth snakes.


A Loca from our village. Elderly lady, keeps walking around the village in glitter dresses and talking on a non-working cell phone with Daddy Yankee. Daddy Yankee is supposed to be her admirer.

Main soul = Wowo2. 2nd soul = dragon, 3rd soul = Earth snake, 4th soul = Earth being. Captured souls = 100.000 Earth beings.


The woman with the plastic bag. In rags, barefoot, with a plastic bag on her back she wanders between two villages that are 80km apart. How many kilometres she makes in one day I don’t know. But she is seen on this road all the time.

Main soul = dragon. 2nd, 3rd and 4th souls are lions. Captured souls = 1000 lions.


Yes, one can only wonder. But not all crazy ones have such a connection or several souls. And you don’t have to be nuts if you have a connection with captured souls. But in any case you do have problems.

Of course I freed all the imprisoned souls with the Betas. I also ordered the separation of the additional souls. I am very curious as to whether those people will change their behaviour in due course.

The Possibility of Mistakes

At this point I want to say that I do make mistakes naturally. Who still finds bigheads or MVPs or magic should not take it for granted that this cannot be because I have eliminated them all. I did eliminate many, maybe all, maybe not. So please trust your own perception.

Illegal Chakra Connections

Since we don’t have enough problems by far, here comes a new one. There may be illegal chakra connections between various persons. These connections have been done by Anunnaki before they were healed, ergo before the 1st of June.

One person is the victim. Problems of the other persons are pushed to the victim via those connections. The purpose behind all this is to thwart the victim. Cool, isn’t it? The other persons don’t know about it and they are not guilty of anything. The victim has probably often asked themselves why they keep contracting so much from others and tried to change it which was not possible.

The connections are quickly removed but the other persons’ energies are still in the body, to a large part shoved into the fat or connective tissue. In the chakras themselves those energies can also be found.

I found 6 connections on my throat chakra. All connections went to persons in my forum. Like I said, it is not their fault. Karin had 5 connections on the throat and 3 on the second chakra.

Multi-Problem-Packages (MPP)

These packages are most likely quite rare. I believe illegal chakra connections to be the predisposition to make such a package. The packages don’t have black magic in them and so they haven’t been dissolved yet. They have been done by magicians together with aliens. In Karin there was a package like this:

Problems of person 1
Problems of person 2
Problems of person 3
Problems of person 1
Problems of person 2
Problems of person 2

The package was in the 2nd chakra and was used to generate toothaches. The three persons were the three connected to the chakra.

September 11, 2013

Still Magicians and Bigheads

I got reports that in some regions there were still magicians and bigheads, also MVPs and more. For two days I didn’t get resonance for it but did not discard the topic wholly. Since I can rely on my perception quite strongly but not 100% I did get suspicious that a bighead might be falsifying my results.

I searched for a long time today and finally felt a bighead, and then more and more still. When I had removed them I was able to find the magicians but only a few because they shot back with bigheads. So I had to remove those and found new magicians. That way it went many times today.

It looks as if small and large groups of magicians are able to protect themselves from the raids by Wowo&co. and they seemed to have programmed bigheads to interfere with my perception in a way that I couldn’t find those groups. Those bigheads were extremely soft and therefore hardly noticeable.

The largest group of magicians was apparently in Austria with a few thousand magicians. They came in different groupings each; sometimes only three or one, then thousands again; and in between bigheads all over again.

There were further groups in Syria, Germany, USA, Canada, the Netherlands and more places which I didn’t investigate. I think the work isn’t finished yet.

The bigheads came in various groupings, too, once one, then 10, then 1000 or 100.000, 1 billion and the maximum of 400 billion.

Imprisoned Souls – only the Tip of the Iceberg

What I found out yesterday about additional souls as link to the imprisoned souls was incomplete. I got help from both my cats again where no change has occurred, and especially Miko, who is deteriorating constantly. So I looked whether I might find something else in him.

I had found 12.000 Lion souls and freed them but that was only one of 20 groups, this time however consisting only of 600 Lions each. After that, however, even more came. I’ll write all that in the following list:

1st group 12.000 Lions
2nd through 20th group 600 Lions each
Then another 20 x 600 Lions
Then another 10 x 600 Lions

The first group in Mopsi was 200 dragons of which there were another 7 groups, that is 8 times 200 dragons.

After that I checked all the Locos again:

The Loca with the Flower (2 additional Wowo-souls):
1.Block: 1st group 90 Wowos, 2.-9. Group 60 Wowos each
2nd block: 20x60 Wowos
Here I noticed that each additional soul was connected to a block. This rule has been confirmed.

Haitian (one additional soul):
1st group 170 Wowos, 2. – 12. Groups 170 Wowos each

Loca Daddy Yankee (dragons, snakes and Earth being soul):
100.000 Earth beings
10.000 snakes
100 dragons

The woman with the plastic bag (3 add. Lion souls):
3x1000 Lions

We have another one we knew before when he was still normal. For many years he’s been running around the village in rags. He is a Wowo2, had no additional soul but I found captured souls with him now:

1st block: 20x20 Wowos
2nd block: 20x20 Wowos

One might actually go crazy. I want to stress this again: many of these imprisoned souls belong to incarnated humans who are lacking their soul core because of that.

Illegal Side Chakra Connections

As the name indicates there are also connections from other people to your minor chakras. Feet, knees, hands and elbows are the targets.

September 12, 2013

Routine Work

I am writing early today (3pm) because I won’t be at home later. The most important discovery was probably that I found another 19 groups of 1000 Anunnaki with Karin. The first group to which Enki belonged also consisted of 1000 men. So that means 20.000 freed Anunnaki and a hopefully freed Karin (fool if you think it’s over ...)

Apart from that I am getting three kinds of work irregularly. Eliminating bigheads, freeing prisoners and separating additional souls.

I check regularly if something of the three tasks is on. Sometimes all three of them turn up at the same time. Then at first the bigheads have to go; they are still coming in 10.000 up to 10 million. Someone seems to be gathering the remains of the globe. There are other people who are eliminating bigheads and MVPs at the moment.

Freeing prisoners: meanwhile 1000 humans with connections to imprisoned souls come at the same time. So far it was mainly humans without additional souls. The prisoners are freed quickly but obviously it takes a while until the next people with connections are found. After one or two hours it continues.

Groups up to 20.000 are coming now for the separating of the additional souls. Several teams (Anunnaki) seem to be working who finish at different times and need new work for the intervals are 3 to 4 hours. But the work takes 12 hours and sometimes even longer if someone has 10 or 20 additional souls. As far as I understand it they can remove 3 or 4 souls at a time from one person and that takes them 12 hours . . up to now.

September 13, 2013

Illegal Chakra Connections

What is in the chakras is law. The information, the programs in the chakras create reality, which is why it is extremely dangerous when energies can flow into the chakras from the outside uncontrollably. But this is exactly what happens via the illegal connections.

As I found out the illegal connections are only a consequence of the illegal docking points on the chakras. These docking points have been made by astral invaders before they were healed so now there is no one left to make these docking points.

Yet it looks as if the connections grow back after separating them. This is because the docking points have not been removed. The docking points see to it that within some time new connections are created. This happens then with people you meet most frequently.

So, how do you get rid of the connections and the docking points? I do it this way:

• I work on chakra after chakra. First I make sure if there are connections or docking points on a chakra. There are also open points without connections.

• You don’t have to do this step, you can also say at once that all connections shall be severed by eliminating all docking points in both persons of a connection.

• So you have to eliminate your own docking points and, if there are connections, the docking points of the other persons. A chakra can be cleaned in a minute that way.

• But it is recommended to repeat this procedure from time to time. Energy flows again, after all, even if it says there are no connections anymore. I go looking after one hour or so, and the next day. I really want to be sure, after the first surprises about the connections coming back on their own accord.

This is what happened: I had severed the connections of two persons. I didn’t know about the behaviour of the connections. If a person with negative energies comes in close proximity now a connection is made immediately. This happened in both persons whom I had cleaned and both had an extreme outburst of rage.

So, whoever had cleaned up their connections and shortly after had a tantrum now knows why.

Which chakras are concerned?

The main chakras 1 through 6, foot-, knee, elbow- and hand chakras.

I had quite some experiences about the hand chakras. Then I researched the hand chakras again. They are connected to the two lower power chakras and get healing energy from there. However most people don’t have much energy there and so the influence of the throat chakra is stronger. The throat chakra is therefore the third and most used connection to the hand chakras. The heart chakra is not connected to the hand chakras. This showed itself today.

To act, to intervene are the topics of the hand chakras. One experience was that two people created a problem they would have had to deal with. Instead of that a third person felt the burden of the two people’s problem. This exactly went through the connections to the third person's hand chakras. Acting would have been the right thing but the energy flowed to person three and got stuck rather as rage.

I removed 6 connections from my neck. Later on there were another three. I found out that there were 30 docking points on my neck. I had to remove them all. I have the feeling it is still good to know how many docking points there are on one chakra in order to really remove them all.

(In Karin there were 4 more blocks à 20 times 1000 Anunnaki, ergo a total of 100.000 Anunnaki. There is no sign of feeling better.)

September 14, 2013

Inner Chakra Connections

I actually did have three more connections on my neck this morning. And just when I thought nothing could happen anymore. You really have to check more often, it will stop at one point.

I had checked with Karin that all chakras were ok but when we were on the road today she lost a lot of power. I checked,

“Is the problem coming from the outside?” – “No”

“Is the problem in the etheric body?” – “Yes”

“In the chakras?” – “No”

Brooding . . . “In the chakra connections?” – “Yes”

Only four connections were working. The rest was blocked. This must have happened during the last days of black magic. Weeks before there hadn’t been any problem with those connections so naturally I didn’t think about them.

Extreme Cat Manipulations

Of course this is about Mopsi and Miko, my two cats. Added to the many already found problems now the following:

Both had illegal connections between them. This seems not possible between humans. 1st, 2nd 3rd and 5th chakra of both were interconnected. Mopsi had an implant in the heart, Miko had one in the solar plexus and throat chakra each.

I removed everything. The next day, both were interconnected in four places, just as before. I didn’t know yet that I would have to remove the docking points. I did, and the next day they were connected again. Well – there were also unused docking points which I didn’t know at the time.

By discovering the missing connections within the etheric body today I also found a lot of blocked connections in both of them.

Hey people, they are cats!

Elbow Chakras

As a matter of fact, what do they do? This is what I asked my soul since my left elbow has been producing one painful pimple after the other. The answer was “providing room/space”. They belong to the solar plexus, after all, and they provide the necessary room for me and my purpose.

The right side sends out that I want to have room for my purpose and the left side has to be able to accept the provided room. This is where I had problems apparently: unconscious problems in the left elbow chakra.

When I have the time I have to find out what the knee chakras do exactly.