Journal 7


January 26, 2014


The Dominican soul group has been freed from their imposed contracts. At the time Haiti has its turn and tomorrow, Monday Jamaica is up next.

Meantime new raids took place with 7, 5 and then again 7 million. Sum = 789 million.


Body part container and disease

The damage (caused by mages) of containers from glands and organs will sooner or later lead to diseases. When great amounts of data are lost, organs will fail. If in addition to that a few 500ers are being used…

I took a look at two young persons with celiac disease (gluten intolerance). There was done a huge damage. I already met other persons with that problem. Some are really eager to feed themselves super healthy and make their own nutritional campaign. But that's not the solution. If they knew what's happening inside them, they would rethink.

I have searched all defective containers in the first person. There were 34 and 18 canals. But I am only listing the ones that are relevant to the disease. Afflicted since ca. 9 months:

Epiphysis left 30% Canal 30%
Liver 30% " 30%
Stomach 30% " 30%
Large intestine upwards 20% " 20%
Large intestine downwards 20% " 30%

Reminder: 30% damage means 75% data loss. An organ can not function like that.

The second person, afflicted since 3 years:

Hypophysis frontal 30% Canal 30%
Epiphysis left. 30% " 30%
Epiphysis right 30% " 30%
Stomach 30% " 30%
Pancreas digestive enzymes 30% " 30%
Pancreas Insulin 30% " 30%
Liver 30% " 30%
Gall bladder 30% " 30%
Small intestine 30% " 30%
Large intestine upwards 30% " 30%

For persons that are able in any matter to question, I provide here a PDF-List of all containers and canals.

PDF-List: Correction on site 4 – Topic “Finger” (1/27/13)


Emotion layers

When I sometimes search for emotions in the body, it happens, that I find new ones again and again. The secret behind this is, that emotion were stacked in layers. That's not the same like emotion packages. They are recurring layers of emotions. Until now I found 10, 20, 50 and 100 layers. The amount of hours per layer is usually less then one hour. Recognizes one the number of layers, one can mandate all at once. If you treat 50 layers individually, it's gonna be quite nerving.


Subtle environment magic

Again something new. It is a magic, that is highly spread in the environment. Everywhere in buildings, trees, in the ground, in stuff. I found it at my home and on the beach of Cabarete, where we are often. The magic counteracts female powers. If there is other environment magic, I don't know. Even this magic can be stacked in multiple layers.