Journal 6


19th of January 2014

Solar Plexus Chakra – Chakra Parts

Finally done. The last chakra has been deciphered. All other chakras do not have any parts to them.

The parts:

  1. Recognising friend/foe
  2. Defence control centre
  3. Intention, path, direction signpost
  4. The centre of the Self, the feeling of Self
  5. Protection of the heart chakra and the soul
  6. Boundaries/delineation
  7. Creating space
  8. To destroy


Assignment to body parts

Auditory Centre and Inner Ear 2               7 8
Facial Muscles and Skin 2   1 2   4        
Feet Joints 2   1   3       7  
Elbows - Ligaments 2   1 2 3       7 8
SP – Nerve Plexus 4     2 3 4 5 6 7  
Transverse Colon 2   1     4        
Pancreas 3     2   4       8
Liver and Gallbladder 1     2   4   6    
Stomach 1   1 2   4       8
Oesophagus 1     2       6    

Here is a list of all 5 chakras with all chakra parts and the corresponding numbers of programs for each of them.

The first chakra The second chakra
1. Relationship to time 1. Beauty
2. Relationship to space 2. Power/Energy
3. Relationship to matter 3. Appearance
4. The nest, the home 4. Diet/Food
5. Resources 5. Reproduction
6. Body habitus 6. Regeneration/Defence
7. Relationship to the Earth being 7. Healing
8. Relationship to animals and humans 8. Dying



The third chakra The heart chakra
1. Friend/Foe recognition 1. Management of feelings
2. Defence control centre 2. Regulation of intensity of feelings
3. Intention, path, direction signpost 3. Contact to own soul
4. The centre of the Self, feeling of Self 4. Contact to other souls
5. Protection of the heart chakra & soul 5. Transmission of intentions into the other chakras
6. Boundaries, delineation 6. Relationship/partnership
7. To create space 7. Sexuality
8. To destroy 8. To establish ties – to open pathways
The throat chakra  
1. To fight, to assert oneself  
2. To express feelings  
3. To heal – oneself and others  
4. To rule, management, authority, charisma  
5. Abilities, mastery, skills  
6. Power of persuasion, ability to exert influence on others  
7. Magical powers, telepathy  
8. Path to express the willpower from the solar plexus  

Supporting Projects

Today there were 2 raids. 25 million and 10 million. This is a total of 740 million.

I forgot to report important information about the support. All the groups of 10 that I have enumerated so far consist of Annunaki-rebels. These are therefore the bodies of previously evil Invaders, whose souls were exchanged with the Annunaki-rebels. This means they used to be unpleasant fellows who are suddenly doing a lot of good. Many friends and acquaintances will be surprised, won’t they?

There are more groups on a daily basis. I will list the ones I wrote down today, but now there are 30 new additional groups. After this list I will only announce the daily numbers.








20 Italy Politics   10 France Politics
20 Greece      “   10 France Press
20 Portugal      “   10 UK Politics
20 Israel      “   10 Iceland      “
20 Japan      “   10 Japan      “
20 Japan Free Energy   10 Syria      “
20 Japan      “   10 Thailand Press
20 Sweden      “   20 Thailand Politics
20 Norway      “   20 Afghanistan      “
20 Denmark      “   20 Afghanistan Press
10 UK      “   10 Egypt      “
10 France      “   10 Egypt Politics
10 Netherlands      “   10 France      “
20 Belgium      “   10 France Press
10 USA      “   10 Spain Politics
20 Japan      “   10 Spain Press
10 China      “   10 Italy Politics
        10 Italy Press
        10 UK Politics
        10 UK Press


Angels who guard contracts

This topic concerns only 20 people on this planet and 11 of them are readers of Psitalent, according to my enquiries. This is why it is important to elucidate this topic after all.

It’s about people who would normally have a huge potential if they were not blocked by contracts that had been agreed upon. There are 10 angels (Wowo souls) who are in place purely to guard the contracts. There are 100 contracts for 20 people (souls).

It looks as if there was a higher-level (divine) plan regarding humanity’s destiny, but it is all just a huge deception. Angels who were manipulated and enslaved persuaded these 20 people or convinced them against their will to be blocked up to a certain point in time and not to step in with their powers, supposedly because this was better for the evolution of mankind. Those who could not be convinced were forced to agree to it. Some of these contracts were made thousands of years ago.

A lot of contracts were made for short periods of time in order to make it easier to persuade those concerned to agree. The periods of time were manipulated afterwards. This is what was specifically pointed out to me, after which I was able to delete all contracts. I hope it worked.

Without this huge deception humanity could have been freed a long time ago. However, the beings that were able to do so had been blocked.

There are further blocking contracts* directly with race C, race D, an unknown race from another dimension, with the Invaders, the Deltas and another unknown race, all of which are based on blackmail and deception. However, I cannot delete these for people whom I do not know personally, but those contracts with angels have all been deleted.

 *The order of the races mirrors the burden of contracts. For example race C – 720.000 soul programs, last race – 9000 soul programs.

20th of January 2014

Contracts With Angels

So far 2 people turned up with contracts with angels and I wrote to them. Whoever I did not reply to does not belong to these people. Unfortunately, I get too many emails on a daily basis to be able to reply, never mind to treat anyone or even whole families. I cannot do that. Anyway, the contracts with angels have already been deleted, as I wrote before. I will continue to describe the multitude of other existing contracts.

There are an incredibly high number of contracts that take up a lot of time that I do not have. Soon, however, there will be global annulments of contracts, which will be a lot of work for the helpers.

Contracts of soul groups

There are contracts within soul groups and between individual soul groups. There are so many of these contracts that you could not get an overview without a lawyer. I will try to bring some light into this jungle.

Basically, these contracts were made from the moment a soul group or partial group changed over into physical reality. Many contracts were created out of fear, uncertainty and inexperience. On the other hand a lot of contracts were forced upon beings. Perhaps the word “contract” is not always the right word, because sometimes they were simply blackmailed.

Contracts within the Lemurian soul group

Within soul groups there are beings that have abilities way above the average.  
As far as they are concerned contracts were made not to influence the soul group, not to help, not to be recognised as a healer, and best of all, to be blocked all around in order to be as harmless as the others.

There are 7 contracts concerning this. 3 single ones and a quadruple one. The quadruple one has 100k programs. When you try to dissolve it, you can, but it stops at 30k, after which the second part of the contract needs to be deleted. The same happens when you reach 20k and 10k. The other 3 contracts have 10k each. The 130k programs are only present in the soul and the mental body, not in the chakras.

Helpers from outside the Lemurian soul group

Lion souls, Sirians, Pleiadians etc, therefore souls who are very experienced, have contracts with the Lemurian soul group. If they are incarnated here, they cannot do anything. They need help like everyone else. The reason is the contracts.

There are so many Lion souls on the planet. I myself know a lot of them and I notice that most of the time they cannot really progress. The time has come for a big project to delete contracts. I believe it will start tomorrow or the day after.

Contracts with other soul groups

A lot of soul groups are strongly shielded. Unnecessarily so, I believe. Many evil souls have infiltrated there. Through forced contracts they effectively prevent capable souls from having any influence. They could just as well put up signs “No Messiah allowed!” In fact they could do with one or a couple of them.  

The soul groups are made to believe that it is not good for their evolution to mix with other races, but in fact the opposite is true. They need a lot of influences in order to avoid wading in the same old quagmires.

(No Messiah was or is allowed in our case either. The appearance of Jesus was allowed by the dark forces, despite the contracts he had. It was intended that his story should be twisted and used for their own purposes.)

Soul groups on the island of Hispañola (Dom Rep and Haiti)

The soul groups on our island are a good example for the negative effects of forced contracts. I will report what I found out:

The Taino Indios

I was researching why our house still looks dreadful despite the removal of many blockages. The same happens on our land where barely anything ever succeeds.
As a new (but not the last) blockage we found out that Karin has a contract with Anu not to step on this island. The contract is about 2000 years old.

Why is Karin forbidden from stepping on the island? The indigenous islanders, the Tainos, were forced by race D not to allow anyone to help them. Anu was forced to make the corresponding contracts. And anyhow, Anu was forced to do a lot of things. He also had to make a contract with Karin and myself that did not allow the two of us to be together. This did work for 2000 years after all.

The indigenous population were left alone for a long time. Then Columbus arrived, a dangerous soul of race D. The Tainos became extinct after some time, but that’s another story.

The Dominican soul group

A mix of human races and soul races results from this. About 100 years ago there was an agreement to let a new soul group from another galaxy incarnate here. I call it simply the Dominican soul group. A big part of Dominicans have their origin in this group. And they have really only been here for the last 100 years.

The Dominican soul group is a case of a strong isolation through forced contracts. There are lots of clauses that work on them. For example:

No member of the soul group is allowed to leave the island. And really, a lot of them feel as if they will never get away from here.  Many attempts at escaping by boat end deadly. Only those who do not belong to this soul group can leave.

They do not allow themselves to be helped by another soul group. The foreigners  who come with the commendable intention to help the locals are caught by people with evil souls who suck the foreigners dry.

The last president Leonel Fernandez was a Wowo2. Now it is the turn of Danilo Medina who is an Annunaki. Nobody has a chance to really help the people. A lot of corrupt structures that consist of many evil souls do not allow the people to be supported, but it is the fault of the contracts. Wowo2, Annunaki, Lion souls and others, all of them have contracts that do not allow them to help. Every attempt ends in failure.

I have not extensively researched the contracts of the Dominican soul group, but there are definitely extremely great limitations. There are, of course, many other souls present here as well. A lot of Dominicans with Lion and Dragon souls are in the same boat with the others because as per contract they are not allowed to stand out.

I want to change this situation and asked the helpers to start dissolving contracts. They started an hour later – with 8 Dominicans. They needed about 45 minutes. This shows there is a lot to remove. Gosh, this will take ages! After 7 rounds they improved to 68 people per round. With the increasing rate they sorted out everyone within 3 days. Among the 8 million Dominicans there are 1.5 million evil souls and approximately 1 million other soul races. 5.5 million are waiting to be worked on.

I also wanted that the contracts of other soul races and of the foreigners who are here should be deleted, too. This will hopefully take place afterwards.

The Haitian Soul Group

The Haitian soul group came to Haiti 500 years ago. They eventually got even more limited than the Dominican soul group. The Haitians are even poorer and worse off than the Dominicans. These souls are not allowed to leave the island either. Whoever manages to leave does not belong to this soul group.
The contractual limitations are great and help is needed.

However, help is not allowed to get there, as per contract. Since the 2010 earthquake there are still big communities living in tents in the capital and everyone wants to remain in ignorance about it. The help that is needed would, of course, require that the contracts should be healed.

Some Data

Project support: 3000 new people

How much data can a soul take on? – unlimited

How much data can a mental body take on? – unlimited

Then there is the brain. I never thought much about it. It is the only physical data storage we have. I get that its capacity is 200 terabyte = 1014. The term “byte” seems to fit. A cat has about 20 gigabyte/GB. The brain of a sparrow has 3 GB. Just to give you an idea…

22th of January 2014

Contracts with Angels

We found a total of 6 people: Karin, myself, one person that we know of, and 3 people who replied to us by email.

Current Projects

Project support: 6200 new people

Taking Delta souls into exile: 2-3 times a day, only a few are left.

Taking Micro- and Nano-souls into exile: in the meantime 1247, unfortunately still far too often. About 12 times daily.

2 raids, each of 15 million people. Sum = 770 million.

Healing of the Dominicans (soul of origin): in the meantime 30.000 per round. That takes place without me having to do anything.
Dissolving curses: it continues without a break and independently of me.

New: Supporting, Blocking, Switching Off

This is a new activity. It is one step more intense than the support and the blocking that took place so far. Now the helpers work on single individuals, not groups of 10 anymore. It started the day before yesterday with one person after the other. In the meantime they show me the group of people, but they are still doing the same intense work with the individuals.


Depending on where people are blocked, the blockages are removed. Some receive the healing they need. Paths are smoothed, connections made. Spirit beings continue to support them.


These people are blocked in such a way that they stop impeding new important activities that help humanity recover quickly. As far as I could find out the energy of the 2. chakra of these people gets reduced by 60%. It will show itself in muscle and immune weaknesses. They will be completely absorbed in their illnesses. The decision about who should be affected comes from the level of the Oversouls. This is valid for the following category as well.

Switching off:

These people will soon stop being in anyone’s way. They will die. The supply of their heart chakras will be restricted to 10%. They will develop heart failure and will die within a few days. The problem will be noticed only a few hours before death.

In the last 2 days following things occurred: about 900 people were healed and supported. 600 people were blocked and 900 switched off. You have to allow a couple of days’ reaction time.

There are other several, highly interesting news, but I can only talk about them when they can be found black on white in the press.