Journal 5


16th of January 2014

Deleting Nasty Programs

You can ask the helpers (if they can get in contact with you in the first place) to free the affected chakras from the programs. You do not have to know any details (numbers or places) to do this. If it is a soul program, then it also has to be deleted from the soul and the mental body.

So far, so good. However, this will not bring any change yet. In order for changes to take effect in reality, the changing of programs has to be introduced into the channels and into the body. The helpers know the exact distribution in every particular area.

After deleting the programs from the chakras, you cannot yet change the programs of the channels and body parts. You have to wait for approximately two days. I do not know what happens in this time, but you can request that the helpers start as soon as they can.

Good souls, bad souls

I would like to mention again that negative souls have come with the intention to enslave mankind. They are the cause of torture and unspeakable suffering that we had to endure in the last millennia. The plan is that it should become even worse in future.

I do not know the ultimate cause for this. I do not know which races are evil, because they themselves had been enslaved or which ones are simply as they are. It doesn’t matter! In my view souls that cannot be healed without them causing us even more suffering, have to be healed somewhere else. They are taken away from here into a different dimension. But that doesn’t concern us.

However, one needs to differentiate between these souls.

Type 1 is a soul that cannot be healed. The personality of the human is contaminated as well.

Type 2 is a soul that cannot be healed, but the personality that was able to develop in the body is in fact ok.

Type 3 is a soul that cannot healed, but the personality can eventually develop in a positive direction after all.

Type 4 is a soul that made the decision to be on the positive side despite all threats from the soul-clan, but the soul is not fully compatible with human existence.

Type 5 is like type 4, but with a fully compatible soul.

Perhaps there are more categories, but these are the ones I am dealing with for now.

The soul types 1, 2 and 3 were already all taken out of their bodies and taken to a different dimension. (Perhaps some were not found, so exceptions are possible.)
These people currently have a mini-soul with which they have no access to the lower three chakras.

For humans of type 3 it is crucial to develop their personality until the end of March, because this will decide about them being accepted here or not. If they are successful, they practically become a type 2. Everyone who is successful will get a new soul in April. There are Wowo2-souls ready for this, exactly how it used to be for the floaters. One could almost become jealous.

Type 4 souls are allowed to stay in their bodies. They require support not only because they do not have connections to the lower chakras, but also because they lack subchakras. This is why an Annunaki-soul has to join into the soul body for three months. So far I have done this for two people. I expect the Annunakis to contact us in three months when they want to get out again.

Nothing needs to be done for type 5 souls – they stay here as they are.

Now to the numbers:

Right now the fifth raid started for just 100 million souls on this occasion. This means 630 million by now and it is supposed to become one billion.  I now know why there are approximately 24-hour breaks between the raids – so that the souls can be tested.

Given the about 2 billion who were already freed from their souls, the question still remains what will happen to the remaining billion people? They are on probation until the end of March when it will be decided whether they will get a Wowo soul or whether they will be blocked into powerlessness, same as the first million. Projections indicate that only about 10%, meaning 100 million will make it.

There are about 1000 type 4 and 100 type 5 souls. They can stay with us.
Thus there are 1.9 billion left who will be fully blocked for now. What will happen to those? They will barely have any influence. Not even on their own body. This may go well for a while, but their immune system and their self-healing will all be blocked. This means that they will suffer. Even if they deserve this, I see a problem in the fact that we normal human beings try to help everyone who suffers – because of our compassion this might become a huge burden with 1.9 billion ill people.

When the 1.9 billion are blocked, there will not be any other big activities in 2014.  Further actions are planned for January 2015 when it seems that those have to leave for good. But who knows?

17th of January 2014

Activities Of The Helpers

A total of 52 races through 10 representatives each took their goodbyes from me in the last few days. I could also call this “deleting contracts” since they seem to have been present for a very long time.

The dissolving of national curses continues.

At 2pm a new expulsion-raid started for 50 million. This means a total of 680 million.

Two new types of activities have emerged:

First: blocking negative people. This already happens through the raids, but these blocks do no take immediate effect. Dangerous currents and evil projects continue to run out of their own dynamics.

The first person that needed blocking was called Barack Obama. Of course I immediately approved of it. They worked on him for nine hours and – hopefully I understood this correctly – they intend to turn him into a muppet.

They continue to process more and more troublemakers. In the meantime they do it in groups of 100 each, on which they work for only 4 hours. Until now there are only politicians and media people mainly from Germany, USA and China.

Second: supporting positive people.
I find this highly exciting. Good people will be backed up. Here a snapshot of what happened until now (22:30 my time). These people were also worked on for 4 hours.

Number   Country Category
10 Germany Politics
10 Germany Politics
10 USA Politics
10 Austria Politics
10 Germany Free energy
10 Germany Free energy
10 Germany Press
10 Germany, Austria Politics
10 Austria Politics
10 USA Politics
10 Syria Politics
10 Germany Press


Helpers will stay to smooth the path for good projects, to bring people together and similar things. They will stay on the ball with negative projects, too, and will try to obstruct them to no end. This is starting to be great fun.


How many programs does man need?

The topic is not really that important, but I definitely want to write this down. It is strange how our human existence can be chopped into schematic diagrams and mounds of data. In the past healing used to be nicer, as one could find emotions and experiences of past lives that could be healed away. Now it has turned into a correction of software. So what? The data is there and one can work with it.    

I already reported about data volumes in the chakras and am honestly too lazy to search for this in the chaos of my articles. One day a suitably gifted and motivated person will have to collate the entire information about the energy system and present it in a tidy fashion.

I have new information about the storage capacities of body parts and channels.
When I find hundreds of thousands or millions of programs, they are indeed programs and not the lines of programs, as I initially thought. Each program can consist of one to four instructions.

The organ “heart” has space for 12 million programs. The channel from the heart to the heart chakra also has 12 million. Both components typically have the same programs (I always have to load the same numbers into both parts.)

In all body parts and channels there is an area that corresponds to 400.000 programs and that is reserved for emotions. No matter how many emotions get stored, there are only 400.000 spaces ever used. Weird! It is also weird that there should be space for 10.000 hours of emotions. In a single body part! Unbelievable. Realistically, this will never happen.

The body parts are there for the emotions. The channels are supposed to be left free of them, but they can also get some emotions. Otherwise channels are protected against everything. There are no magic, implants, aggregations or beings, but on the other hand this might all be present in the body.

All other 127 body parts have 9 million program storage spaces, no matter whether it’s a small part like the pituitary gland (0.5g) or the entire skeleton (a bit heavier). The etheric storage spaces are always of equal size.  The 127 channels also contain 9 million.

The outer channels

The channel of the right foot to the earth and the channel of the second chakra to the outside world also have 9 million.

The heart chakra channel to the outside only has 2.5 million.

The channel of the left food only has 120.000. Why so few? I assume it is because it is only a receiving channel and does not have to send out commands.

Given that my programming has been changing continuously for the past weeks, frequently several million times a day, I wanted to get an overview, of course.
Now I know.

It was not possible to cram in anything else today.

18th of January 2014

The Support of Projects

The obstruction or nurturing of people continued briskly today. I will not write about obstructing people – it was about 400 today. I think supporting people is much more interesting. I will write this down:

Number Country Category
10 Syria Politics
10 USA/Canada Press
10 Germany Judiciary

Now there will be support for people who have been working on “Free Energy” and “Water Engine” for some time.  These were the particulars of today (always in groups of 10):

Number Country Company Category
80 Germany BMW Water Engine
50 Germany Mercedes Water Engine
50 Germany Porsche Water Engine
10 Germany Small company Water Engine
30 Germany Private Water Engine
70 USA General Electric Free Energy
60 USA Chevrolet Water Engine
20 USA Small company Water Engine


The division might look unfair, but companies cannot be supported if they do not research in these areas at all. These might actually be hot tips for investors in shares! 

This is how it continued this evening:

Number Country Company Category
20 Germany   Politics
10 UK   Finance
10 Germany   Transport
10 Germany BMW Management
10 Germany Porsche Management
10 Germany Mercedes Management
10 Germany Pharmaceuticals  
10 USA Chevrolet Water Engine
50 USA Plymouth* Water Engine
150 USA Dodge Water Engine
150 Germany VW Management**
20 Germany Gumpert Sport Cars Management**
10 Germany Mini – BMW AG Management**
10 Germany Smart – Daimler AG Management**
10 Germany Opel Management**
50 USA   Finance
40 Syria   Military
30 Egypt   Politics

* The Plymouth brand was actually dropped by Chrysler and does not officially exist anymore. Perhaps there is still something left alive regarding a “water car”.

** VW itself does not seem to be researching water engines. According to my information retrieval there seems to be a cooperation of several companies under the leadership of VW. Following companies seem to be part of it:

Gumpert Sport Cars, Mini of BMW AG, Smart of Daimler AG, and Opel.

One might think that there are more important things than the water car or producing energy out of water. I think that this discovery completely messes up the conditions for the planned financial crisis. No energy bottlenecks anymore, so this should have a great relieving effect on the monetary system. 

A new raid started for 25 million people today and it also finished today. There is capacity for more people, but choosing the souls seems to become more and more difficult.

Deleting Nasty Programs – Part 2

The helpers are now able to help you with a lot of topics. There are things they can do and others they can’t. For example, in order for them to take beings out of you (that are able to be healed or not) it requires you to have certain abilities  (heart or throat chakra). Even if you have those abilities, you need to define the topic as precisely as possible. It is not enough to say, “All beings must leave me now please!”

Interval timers are a problem, because they represent a smoke screen. You have to practically uncover it for the helpers – they have to recognise it first and only then will they be able to delete it.

However, they can eliminate implants and aggregations, they can dissolve emotional charges and in particular, they can change programs. The implants have the annoying problem that beings can be embedded in them when you reach certain percentages. For example, the implant was deleted up to 50%, but then you cannot continue, because first there are 12 to the power 4 beings who have to be exiled and 10 beings that have to be healed. Only then can the implant continue to be processed.

However, this should not be an issue when deleting programs. You should define the program, which you will find when you look at your problems. Not everything that looks like a program is one. Some problems might be from other beings that are stuck in you. Something that might look like a program might be the result of another program. I have already noticed that the “I am not allowed to be successful” is not a program, but is made possible through “I am not allowed to have any impact at all”.

For everyone who is a single I would recommend you look at the program “I am not allowed to find my soul partner!” Another frequent one is “I am not allowed to have a partner!” and “I am not allowed to make my partner happy” for couples who keep having problems. Give the helpers several options – if the correct one is among them, they will delete it.  

These programs might have been present in your soul for a long time or they might have been built into your chakras in this life.

Good luck!


My diesel car did not start this morning. There are very few reasons for a diesel engine not to start given the climate we live in. It had fuel, because fumes were coming out of the exhaust. I checked energetically through all possibilities of technical mistakes – no result.

There was resonance with magic. There were shielded MVPs (multiple shielded magic packets from the German “mehrfach vernebelte Magie-Pakete”) – 10.000 of them. Produced 3 months ago.  I was a bit too hasty in my conclusion that there was no magic left and forgot to look for magic in my things. All packets were gone after 10min and the engine started straight away.

I checked all my appliances and found some things. The fridge, the stove, the sewing machine and a few other things all had 1000 MVPs on them.
500s and Illnesses

In principle you could delete all 500s yourself, but unfortunately there are almost always a being that needs exiling and one that requires healing among them.
I will add to the list of illnesses linked to the 500s:


Body Part Type of Emotion
Bladder  Guilt
Bladder  Aggression


Gluten Intolerance:

Body Part Type of Emotion
Hypothalamus Pain
Heart Pain


Milk/Dairy Intolerance:

Body Part
Type of Emotion
Hypothalamus Embitterment
Pituitary Gland Pain


Pneumonia and Asthma:

Body Part
Type of Emotion
Lungs Aggression
Pituitary Gland Aggression

Reminder – this does not refer to aggressive people. The aggressions come from the outside and get stored in a person.


Body Part
Type of Emotion
Lungs Aggression
Heart Hopelessness
Adrenals Fear
Pineal Gland Pain



Body Part
Type of Emotion
Bones Aggression
Labyrinth/Inner Ear Fear



Body Part
Type of Emotion
Pineal Gland Fear
Pituitary Gland Fear
Hypothalamus Fear
Visual Centre Grief
Transverse Colon Aggression
Pancreas Aggression
Liver and Gallbladder Aggression



Body Part
Type of Emotion
Visual Centre Grief
Transverse Colon Aggression
Pancreas Aggression
Liver and Gallbladder Aggression



Body Part
Type of Emotion
Pituitary Gland Fear
Hypothalamus Fear
Thyroid Gland Pain
Heart Pain
Small Bowel Fear


Addiction to sugar:

Body Part
Type of Emotion
Pituitary Gland Fear
Hypothalamus Guilt
Pineal Gland Pain
Adrenals Guilt
Small Bowel Guilt


Pathological Messiness:

Body Part
Type of Emotion
Stomach Shame
Genital Organs Pain


Of course, emotions can get into certain body parts, organs or glands through other pathways. Packets of 500 programs are only one method.