Journal 47



December 22, 2014

Partnership module interchanged

Like I described in the last journal, our soul already creates a partnership module which ensures contact with the soulmate cannot be torn down. Here is the illustration again:

Our soul in the third dimension (in the body)
Conforms Modules Function
Forehead chakra 0 Contact to the higher self
Heart chakra Module 1 Contact to the over-soul
  Module 2 Contact to the partner-soul
Solar-plexus Module 3 I-center

The partnership module is in the heart chakra, manufactured as a blueprint, by the module 2 of the soul. Therefore the heart chakra is fixated on this one partner. Only with this one it can become really happy.

Modules cannot be manipulated, but as already described earlier, it is possible to steal modules. Evil spirit beings were ordered to steal the modules of two people and exchange them. The intention is to bring together people who not fit together and therefore be worn down by the relationship.

The typical case:
Woman A is soul partner of man B.
The modules of man B and man C are interchanged.
Possible consequences:

  • Woman A is attracted to man C and lives with him in an unsatisfying or exhausting relation, especially if a really unfitting man C was chosen.
  • The soul of woman A prevents her from finding man C, so she doesn't slide into a wrong relationship. Woman A stays alone.
  • Woman A meets man B, but he shows little interest in her and hurts her by that.
  • Man B falls in love with the soul partner of man C → Woman D.

One can come up with many unlucky situations and they develop everywhere as well. I certainly have once before written about shielded soul partners, but these manipulations are worse.

I myself was manipulated two times and married therefore a long time ago to the wrong woman. A relationship that has hurt me greatly. Four years ago my module was replaced once again, while I already lived together with Karin for a long time. Our hearts’ connection was probably torn apart by that, which we affiliated to other attacks. Another man, that had my module, fell in love with Karin and was visiting us constantly under any pretenses. But Karin didn't react to him.

What can you do, if you have a hunch, the issue might concern you or your (maybe missing) partner?

Send me a short note per email. Please don't tell stories! Please write into the subject: “Partner”. One sentences is good enough. Your name would be helpful.

I can make this campaign, because the work is done by over-souls and not by me. I only establish the contact. I then write you back. That might be the most work.

Attention: Humans with group souls have no defined soul partner. That applies for example on Betas, from whom there are certainly a lot.

December 23, 2014

Missing partnership modules

On the many inquiries today, I was surprised not to find any module on most of the concerned. But that is actually logical. If the module in particular is placed into an invader or a race D human there is certainly no interchange. Those humans have indeed no partnership module. And in the most cases the modules seem to be put into negative humans to cause maximum harm to the positive person.

Target boards and target programs

Again I have discovered a method with which problems are maintained.

Target boards:

Until now I found them in form of an implant. For example an implant in a tooth can work as a target board. What are they doing? There are special containers, which are attracted to target boards. Those containers can, in the case of the tooth, contain pain or magic. In other cases they can even contain programs, nails, fear or beings.

It is surprising that the containers come again and again and searching for the supply system. But there isn't any. It’s the target boards, which call for replenishment.

Target programs:

Target programs are outsourced target boards. I found this technique at our house. Spiders indicated frequently, that there are beings in the house. The beings came again and again. In ten other houses were programs that made our house the target. But it wasn't that simple. You see, there were all made invisible. Some were shielded and some had both. To find all of the issues can take a lot of time.

Ascent, but different

I wrote in “Ascent of the pets”, that some animals with four legged Lion souls can get their own soul. I could ascertain now, that the group soul was connected to the seventh dimension. You can even say, it is now in seventh dimension. It was until now the single soul of the four-legged Lions. Soul and over soul at once. It’s like that with all group souls. It got energy yet from the third dimension. Now it ascended to the seventh.

The new single souls are connected to the fifth dimension and in the sixth they receive their own higher self.

At our terrace door was a snake holding on to the iron bars and wouldn't let go. I had to carry it away. I determined, that the group soul also wanted to ascent. However only to the fifth dimension.

The snakes seem to have five group souls. And three of them should be into the fifth dimension.


December 24, 2014

The partnership bomb

At the partnership module is written: “Attention! Before activation disarm the bomb!” That was once again printed so small that I couldn't read it. At the last moment I could discover the hint.
It would certainly have been lovely to just simply re-install the modules, activate them and from now on they live in harmony. Now, the situation is as follows: There is a condition switch, or ten or hundreds or thousands. As soon as your partnership connection is reaching a certain strength, all hell is let loose. Hate and dispute will destroy your partnership, if you already live together.

Consequence: Your modules stay off for now. They will be installed and activated at the chakra, but in the module is an on/off switch, which initially remains in the off position. There are only certain over souls, which can turn the switch. Furthermore the bomb will be disarmed from the same souls. That may take 10, 20 or even 30 hours. Only then will the module be switched on.
So, that will be the timing, for all who have written to me.