Journal 42


October 1st, 2014

I am preparing the info I promised you for October thoroughly. At the moment I am constantly being attacked by the remaining mages. Since it is Karin who suffers most from that I still cannot concentrate fully on the articles.

I am allowed now to publish this knowledge but I don’t have to. Until October 15th it is very important to be published. I endeavour to make the first article available for you on Friday.


Stiffness seems to have many fields of application. It is used very often for the eye lenses which we then read as age-related far-sightedness and similar things. The voice can also be ruined by stiffness in the larynx. This is used frequently in musicians and singers – or those who want to be.

I have found stiffness in my small bowel which causes digestive problems. One can make stiff and aching muscles with that. It is highly probable that more of the kind will turn up.

October 7th, 2014

The Secret Modules in Action

I can satisfyingly state that in 90 Psitalent-readers module 2.5 is being worked on. The module of all of them is on 100% and effectivity is on level 150 in average. This means you can forget the activating of the healing channel because this module is considerably stronger. And with effectivity on level 150 you have come pretty far already.

The problem will be that you won’t notice anything. Hand query will become essential so that you can use your powers consciously. There is new information on this.

Contracts on Time Switches

Actually, I should have thought of this a long time ago, but alas – I did only now. Especially the topic hand query is blocked by this technique. I’ll describe it very thoroughly.

Time switches, date switches and conditional switches could also be called time-, date- and condition magic. You can imagine it like a long board on which 100.000 containers are positioned in a row. Each of these containers can carry 100 depots. The depots can have various contents: nails, 500er programs, other programs, clogs, taps, magic etc. and contracts.

In case of hand query contracts have to be deleted. If you do that, the board glides on and pours out the next contracts. That way you find contracts on and on and get nowhere.

In case of the date switches it mostly works in a way that the pouring-out comes only the next day or a few days later. This is done for illnesses by repeatedly damaging body containers or adding pain again and again.

The pouring-out of time switches happens after minutes or hours, according to the programming. In condition switches the pouring-out is done according to certain conditions.

There are exceptions (e.g. my tinnitus) where the switches didn’t carry 100.000 containers but trillions. However, 100.000 are standard.

How does one delete one’s hand query contracts?

Since your hand query doesn’t work you have to trust the helpers. They understand everything you think or say. Don’t worry you might not be heard! Actually your powers in module 2.5 don’t need any helpers. When you order this or that to be deleted it happens (if what you order actually is there).

Ok, in order to delete a switch including consequences:

  • 10 million depots full of contracts  have to be deleted
  • Next the presently active contracts have to be deleted
  • Then the things which were hidden by the contracts have to be deleted. In case of hand query this is clogs and taps.

Sadly I had to realize that most people have more than one time switch. I discovered up to 20 already. The usual are probably 2 through 8 time switches.

How long does it take to delete?

It depends on what level you have reached. At level 200 you are already faster than with all other channels but there is one more essential acceleration:

Levels 220, 240, 260, 270 and 280 accelerate the 5 categories for the factor 100. This is quite essential, for with this acceleration you are able to delete the 10 million depots in 40 seconds. Otherwise this would take 4000 seconds which is more than one hour. The active contracts take 3 minutes with the new acceleration, otherwise this would be 300 minutes which is 5 hours. However, you will have reached these levels within two days at the latest. I hope there will be some success to be heard of by then.

Invaders in the Soul Body and in the Body – again

I was able to find this quite often lately but it was only possible now that I could find and delete shields of more than 1 septillion (German) Bertas. According to how “important” a person is those invaders may be shielded with up to 1000 septillion. For example you can find one with 200 Septis, one with 300 and one with 400.

When the shields are gone the souls must be separated by Wowo-souls in the usual 12-hour-process.

Even more often you may find invader souls in the body but they don’t require the soul separation process. Frequently they have shields and practically always 10.000 contracts.

Addition to the hand query:

It seems to be standard procedure that after deleting the contracts there will be 1 million programs and then 2.5 trillion clogs and 2.5 trillion taps.

October 11, 2014

By the end of this day (in Germany) the number of those “infected” with module 2.5 has risen to 164. They are Dragon-, Lion-, Anunnaki- and Wowo souls. There is also one Earth being and one Snake whom I both know.

Living in the Box

All people with positive intentions have a box around them. This box is more than subtle but less than physical. It is made of a matter by which the subtle and the physical body can be isolated to a certain degree.

This box cannot be dissolved by means of the usual energies. You need the power of destruction – module 3.8. However, you don’t need to worry about module 3.8 because module 2.5 clears module 3.8, too. Module 2.5 must have reached the value 290. This is done in all good souls who have read the article about the secret modules three or more days ago.

So you only have to give the command “destroy box”. Two hours later the box won’t exist anymore.

For creator souls and superior souls at least two boxes can be found. There are also shielded boxes and I have found time switches with 500 boxes on them. But this is not the rule and you don’t have to worry about it.

There are also small containers by which single body parts can be isolated. It is rarely done and surely doesn’t concern anybody here. A container of this kind can be destroyed in three minutes. It is possible that three containers are used simultaneously as a rule. There are also time switches with 500 containers, but this is only for completeness’ sake.

Boxes isolate Partners

The soul partnership is made during the first incarnation. Normally this is in a non-human form, that is Dragon, Lion etc.. Those bodies were actually immortal so they were violently killed and the partners were isolated.

Strangely, this isolation is only found with the male soul part. So if a former Dragon couple is together now you normally find the isolated Dragon part in him. The isolation looks as follows:

One box, 10 million programs and 100 trillion (German) hours of magic.

You can initiate all three tasks simultaneously because different channels are used. The box takes two hours, the programs 30 seconds and the magic 5 minutes.

A single woman can make this liberation for her unknown partner. It might lead them together.
The fact that race D has organized this partner separation is a hint that the energetic reunion of partners is essential. As far as I can perceive great powers are set free by it.

There are partners who are together but maybe were not the first soul partners. The soul partnership can still work if they are souls who have known each other well for a long time. If the souls originate from different races, that cannot be possible. In those cases the activating of the powers cannot work well.

Wrong Soul Identities

There are persons whom I identify at first as Lion or Dragon etc. When I look again after a while the results are different. This confuses people. The situation is like this: there is one soul you can find easily. Then there may be several shielded souls or soul parts. An example:

  • Non shielded soul = Lion
  • 100 Septillion shields = Lion
  • 200 Septis shields = Dragon
  • 300 Septis = Dragon
  • 400 Septis = creator soul

So this may be a creator soul who was once a Dragon. Therefore a Dragon part belongs to it. However, one Dragon and two Lions have to be removed in the soul separation process.

There are however also good souls who are overlaid with bad souls and vice versa – bad souls covered with good souls.

Things get really complicated between soul partners with such amounts of covers.

October 13, 2014

Time Switch hierarchy (important for hand query)

There are time switches loaded with time switches. In order to keep track I have to define a hierarchy structure.

The time (date-, conditions-, whatever-) switches I knew so far I call type 1, T1 for short (“Träger”, “carrier” in German). Normally they are charged with 10 million depots. The depots can hold:

  • Hardware – clogs, taps, nails, 500ers, reproducers*, implants,
  • Software – programs, contracts,
  • Feelings (only shielded)
  • Beings
  • Magic, stiffness, hardship.

Maybe I forgot something? Aggregates are only made through reproducers, there are none directly on time switches. One T1-carrier always has the same kind of blockages.

The T2 carries 10.000 T1. The T2 can be charged with differently loaded T1.

The T3 carries 500 T2.

The T4 carries 50 T3.

Example Hand Query

In order to block the hand query T2 are used which replaced deleted T1-switches. The same principle goes for the lower arm “cell phone” on the left (an expression which has been established by Franz last year; the helpers use pressure on his lower arm to get his attention. Note by translator) by which messages (knocking) of our helpers can be received. So there, a T2 is also used.

For both functions, hand query and lower arm phone, there is a common T3. Those two functions are mainly blocked by programs and magic.

The necessary energy channels in the first and second chakra can be clogged up again by T2 and T1 switches. For that purpose there is a separate T3 which is also in charge of other chakras.

Furthermore, in most cases there is also one (or two) central T4 which is able to deliver new T3s for all the problematic areas in the body.

The good thing about this structure is that the charge of a T-carrier can be deleted relatively fast (minutes) as long as it is still on the carrier in a wrapped form. If one package is opened and hereby activated, deleting it is a lot more work.

In case of the hand query you have to start by deleting the T4, then go on with T3, then the two active T2s and T1s. After that delete programs and magic. I think the helpers will take away a lot of work from you there. Then deal with T3, T2 and T1s for the chakra channels.

I know this is a lot to ask as long as you cannot check all this by hand query. And I don’t know whether there won’t be more nasty stuff.