Journal 3


January 8, 2014

There is a lot to report about illnesses and the 500s, but I won’t manage that today. I want to bring up an important topic now, because it seems very important to me:

Miniature- and Micro possessions

I had already mentioned how many possessed insects there were. In these cases, every single insect (mosquitoes, ants, etc.) were possessed by a miniature being. These exist in astronomical amounts of course. These beings are being removed for weeks now, with the number of beings removed every round increasing. These beings are not organised in a system of 10, but 12. Right now, the removal rounds are at a scale of 1232, which is enormous.

But it will get even more extreme since I found out yesterday that there are micro possessions. As the name says, microorganisms are possessed by micro beings. After this realisation I had to take a deep breath. But then it seemed logical to me because microorganisms had to be part of the natural symbiosis and only act positively. In a healed system, there cannot be anything hostile. Thus, it is clear that something must be wrong with all infectious microorganisms.

But it goes on. Singular body cells can be possessed, and that cell by cell. This only happens restrictedly with some organs and body regions. At least I only found it like that up to now, but I haven’t had much time to research yet. One important point: the blood cells can have negative possessions. I think that leukaemia and similar diseases develop that way.

I will only have practical experience with this in a couple of weeks. The possessions have to be removed after all. I have to check what potency of 12 is in the micro possession of a person. I found that all affected microorganisms plus blood cells plus affected body cells can be a maximum of 1216. These numbers should be told to the helpers and the possessions should be brought into exile. Maybe it works without knowing the number, which has to be tested.

January 9, 2014

Hello people! Hardly slept. My soul is keeping me busy with changes. That went on tonight until 4. Then I was wide awake. The soul seems to be in a hurry.

I don’t get on with the answering of emails and the topics about sicknesses as well. I’ll write a bit about topics I enjoy.

Dinosaurs and Neanderthals

Science dictates that dinosaurs are 250 billion years old and must have lived on earth before dragons. Neanderthals are supposedly 120.000 years old, which means long before the Anunnaki existed through creation of human bodies.

So, what I wrote in the previous journal can’t be right. I researched this all, ready to find my mistake. I want to find the truth, after all. If I made a mistake, I have to correct myself as I have done before.

So I am investigating the existence of dinosaurs on our planet and get no results. I try it from all sides, but there is no energy for them on Earth. What is going on there? Did they exist in another dimension? “No – same dimension”. Has to be true, or the bones wouldn’t be there. Very mysterious! I just can’t find an energetic lead for the existence of dinosaurs on earth. Then Karin said casually “Something was faked here”. And then there was energy.

I was astonished. The fakers were the race C beings. The dinosaurs lived on a planet in the Orion-system. C beings brought some dead dinosaurs along to Earth to be found later.

Dinosaurs have never lived on Earth.

Now Franzi is going nuts again! No, unfortunately not. That is the result that I keep getting. It is an intentional deception, whatever for. I wouldn’t have minded if they had been here, ergo I have no reason to make this up.

It’s the same with Neanderthals. They came from another planet from our galaxy. Some specimens were brought here to be found later on. Another intentional deception. A deception of history. Why all this work? No idea. Maybe it was hardly any work at all.

Dimensions and Planets

Here some scientists (and possibly some readers) will shake their heads, if they read my topics at all.

The planets which we encounter in our dimension consist of eight sub-dimensions. All that is real for us consists of and needs the eight sub-dimensions. Lemuria and Atlantis existed in a world of 7 sub-dimensions. 1.3 million years ago there were only 7 dimensions in our solar system. The eighth sub-dimension began to form itself only one million years ago, and only on Earth. The other planets followed this experiment much later.

When I reported about extraterrestrial bases in other dimensions in former articles those were really other dimensions with their own sub-dimensions. Normally they all have only 7 sub-dimensions.

The Lemurian soul collective came to an agreement with the Sun soul to create this form of reality with 8 sub-dimensions on Earth (this wasn’t a new invention. The dinosaurs for example had lived in such a reality 250 million years ago). Until then the planets didn’t have a soul yet. The Earth was now endowed with a soul by the Sun which means she got a piece of it. She also belongs to the higher self and the oversoul of the Sun. I got that wrong in my former articles. I had pictured Earth with her own HS/oversoul. That is probably why the Sun has a HS for herself and a HS for the solar system. The same goes for the oversouls. To this day Earth is the only planet in the solar system with a soul.

The Sun began to create the eighth sub-dimension for Earth. Thus a - for us - real clot of earth came into existence in space. A million years ago Earth was ca. half as big as today, without water, without air. The Sun is able to create matter in the inside of planets. This is a trick with the 8 dimensions. With this trick the Sun created more planet mass, water and air. The atmosphere was completed in 300 years, the oceans in 500 years. Then Earth was ready to be inhabited by the dragons.

The Lemurian soul group wanted to bring their planet into our reality, too. That was ca. 500.000 years ago. In the making of the eighth sub-dimension the C-beings came messing around and in the end the destruction occurred.

Four planets of the solar system were compatible for physical life: Lemur, Earth, Venus and Mars.

Even today the Sun would be able to create an atmosphere and oceans on Venus and Mars if a soul group asked for it. In 500 years the planets would be ready to move in.

Like I said, of course I may have got some wrong answers. If so, I hope to get to know the whole truth someday.


January 11, 2014

Day X – January 12?

Since Thursday night, 12am, I am involved in activities of the helping beings. These activities are extraordinary and, according to questioning, they are a preparation for something that shall happen Sunday, January 12. I am rather well informed but I think it is best to just watch what happens on Sunday. If nothing happens at all I at least am not the fool.

If something happens it will be a grave changing point. Events are going to follow in quick succession. But let’s just wait.


The Chakra Parts – Part 1

The Root Chakra

Much too soon I thought the evil guys were all gone. That is why I didn’t waste a thought on chakra parts. I believed they weren’t being stolen anymore. I was wrong. Until two months ago chakra parts were still stolen. Getting them back and reinstalling them is no problem; you just have to notice the problem. Since I was dealing with that topic again I kept thinking about the chakra parts ad I think I have understood the parts of the first chakra now.

Some time ago I had discovered that the five lower chakras have two parts each which are identical. The other eight are variable, according to the tasks of the chakra. The two main parts of the five chakras are respectively a central unit and a memory unit. No, I’m not talking about computers, I’m talking about chakras. But the parallels are stunning. You can even compare the other eight parts with interface-cards. There are eight interfaces:

  • Relation to time
  • Relation to space
  • Relation to matter
  • The nest, the home
  • The helping tools
  • The body shape
  • Relation to Earth beings
  • Relation to animals and humans


  • Relation to time. I don’t know much yet. I noticed as a problem that you never get ready if you want to go somewhere. Or you lose time and get nowhere. In the end the day is over and you haven’t achieved anything.
  • You have to have enough room. Real physical space, for example grounds, living space, working space.
  • Relation to matter. You can be at the mercy of matter. It can become a problem if things go out of order, dirty or rusty all the time. It is also possible to live in peace with it but ideally we can influence it, even create it.
  • The beautiful home is something every being needs. Earth can provide it if this chakra part works.
  • Helping tools are vehicles, furniture, all kinds of decoration (chakra 4 has part in that, too), tools (clothes don’t belong here, this is second chakra). Money can concern points 2, 4 and 5.
  • Body shape concerns bones and many connective tissues.
  • This concerns especially the communication with Earth beings via our hair.
  • This concerns the communication with animals and humans via our bones. Actually I don’t know anything about this form of communication. In any case it has nothing to do with telepathy.

All eight chakra parts are connected to the (here coincidentally) eight body channels and the respective body parts. (This doesn’t have to be like that with all chakras. I hope I’ll find out the functions of the other chakras soon as well.)

So the five lower chakras have eight functional units, one central unit and a memory. This memory unit is the only memory unit in the chakra. The other units don’t store anything whereas the body channels and the body parts have large memory capacity. All memory units can store feelings and programs.

This is especially obvious to me because I am served with new program-updates every day by the Anunnaki. For example if I have to cough I know by now that there are new programs for something concerning the throat chakra. It may be the chakra itself or the body parts and channels belonging to it. Program changes of 110.000 through 130.000 programs are quite typical. Sometimes there are large program packages with 250.000 and rarely small ones with 50.000 programs.

I check the number and the destinations. At the moment most of them go into body and channels. It would be too complicated to explain all that, it would take a new article. For example, 130.000 programs end up in all 20 body parts and channels of the heart chakra.

By the way, I can’t determine anymore that chakras rotate. All the connections would be messed up. But I’m just kidding; I think they don’t rotate at all.

My Ear Noise

goes on humming. It bothers me little but I finally want a blockage-free hearing. The blockages I have look like the highway Munich – Frankfurt when it is full of cars. It isn’t endless but very, very much. The helpers are working incessantly. Over and over again 10.000 obstacles, then 100 mini-taps, beings, obstacles, big taps which take them 12 hours etc.

I am needed every time when beings turn up and when the 100 timers are to be deleted. Since I’m not concentrated on my ear the whole day long the helpers have to wait sometimes, doing nothing.

The expected work time is six days.

The 500er Program Packages

The 500ers are a nasty and much used tool of the evil beings. They can cause certain illnesses if specifically applied. But, as we have realised, the evil ones like to do too much evil. So they can also pack some feeling packages on top and endless amounts of attached groups. Then there are additional aggregates and implants and I think even more in their repertoire.

In inflamed places aggression is being concentrated on one spot in several ways. Rheumatism, gout and other joint problems are a huge accumulation of aggression which is shoved into the joints. However, they are not one’s own aggression; they have been sucked in. 500ers are used for that purpose and at the same time a combination of 500ers in various glands and organs is needed until an illness forms its characteristics.

In a number of illnesses there are also micro-possessions.

So, if a problem doesn’t get solved by removing the 500ers and the feelings it may be because of the additional ballast. The 500ers however make the difference. They have to be gone in any case.

Now there is a list of feelings which I have found with the 500ers so far:

  • Fear
  • Rage
  • Pain
  • Guilt
  • Embarrassment
  • Deficiency
  • Frustration
  • Stress
  • Envy
  • Despair
  • Hopelessness

There are more feelings which are not used with 500ers but you can find these feelings in the soul, chakras, channels and the body:

  • Separation, feeling isolated
  • Minority
  • Pride

There is certainly more but this is what I gathered so far.

500ers may be hidden, difficult or belatedly to be found because of timers, and there are hidden timers. This hide-and seek I only found in few people.

Now here are some illnesses and their relation to 500ers. And remember: none of the listed feelings are the patient’s but have been induced artificially through the 500ers.


Body part Feeling
Adrenal glands Guilt
Small bowel Pain
Colon, descending Fear
Anus Rage


Body part Feeling
Adrenal glands Fear
Adrenal glands Pain
Small bowel pain

Multiple Sclerosis:

Body part Feeling
Hypophysis Pain
Heart Pain
Small bowel Pain


Body part Feeling
Adrenal glands Insufficiency
Heart Guilt
Thyroid Rage
Prostate Rage
Skin Rage

Inclination for deformity:

Body part Feeling
Adrenal glands Fear
Hypothalamus Pain
Small bowel Fear
Liver Pain
Tongue Guilt

Excessive hunger:

Body part Feeling
Hypophysis Rage
Thyroid Rage

Poor appetite for food:

Body part Feeling
Heart Emot. insuff.
Lymph knots Fear

Sleeping Problems:

Body part Feeling
Thymus gland Fear
Thymus gland Embarrassment


Body part Feeling
Thymus gland Pain
Hypothalamus fear
Small bowel Fear


Body part Feelings
Hypothalamus Guilt
Adrenal glands Pain
Small bowel Fear

Here the focus is fear in the small bowel. 


Body part Feeling
Hypophysis Fear
Hypothalamus Fear
Epiphysis Hopelessness
Heart Pain
Small bowel Fear
Tongue Fear

I will collect this data on a PDF on occasion.


January 12, 2014

Day X – not quite

The day isn’t quite over yet for me but I think something should have happened already. It’s a pity I can’t find out what’s going on. For two day preparations were running and yesterday evening the helpers didn’t let go of me for hours as if they needed a lot of support from me; but I don’t know anything concrete.

After midnight some groups of alien races came to delete their contracts with me. It felt as if they had fulfilled their tasks and I should dismiss them. It was ten groups of 10 beings each.

A little later:

I was able to find out something now and I can report about it, too. It started on Thursday. The helpers announced themselves to me and began to work on 100 people. They were ex-invaders (double souls) who now only have a little replacement soul and therefore are less dangerous. They were important persons from finances, politics and press.

The helpers worked for 40 minutes with this group, then they took a group of 200, then 300, 500 and so on, increasing as usual. It always took 40 minutes. After ca. 24 hours they were through with 30 million, then they stopped. I had understood by then that all these manipulations will be activated in all 30 million on Sunday. Since I didn’t know exactly what they had done I thought it would surely be a commonly visible change but that was not the case.

Now I found out what they did. They isolated the connections to heart and throat chakra in those persons. Those were the last chakras they were able to use anyway. Besides, they also didn’t steal but paralyse the eight chakra parts of the throat chakra. So their actions and words won’t have any impact or power. It is clear that this isn’t noticed at once. But within a few days they will realise there’s something wrong.

It was done quite selectively. As I wrote above there are important people among them who are well known and of whom you hear every day. Then in several countries it was done differently.


10.000 persons in the following countries (e.g.):

USA, Canada, Israel, China, India, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Holland, Dom. Rep., Syria – only rebels, Paraguay, Peru etc.

50.000 in Columbia, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, Egypt

100.000 in Spain, Italy, Greece, Japan, Pakistan, Argentine, Chile

1 million in North Korea, South Korea, Thailand, some East European countries

Some countries were spared. I don’t have them all listed, this is too much work for me. Some examples:

Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, Libya, Iran, Syria – govnmt. side, Bolivia, Ecuador, Brazil, Morocco, Congo


The Chakra Parts – Part 2

Side Chakras – Foot Chakra

The side chakras only have two parts, memory and central part. That is why nothing can be stolen here. I investigated the question whether Karin and I had programs for being powerless over matter. We had them and nearly everybody has them. The programs are in the memory section of the right foot.

I asked the Anunnaki whether they had the latest program updates for “influence over matter” for downloading. They said yes and I pressed enter. It was 30.000 programs for free download.

This isn’t a satire. It really works a little like this. However I don’t believe that the Anunnaki give the software to everyone. A rough amount of blockages have to be out of the way. I imagine someone getting the program who is still full of rage. If this person gets enraged about a driver in front of them this person’s car might break down. This won’t be in the spirit of the creator. Well, these are my thoughts on this. Maybe this doesn’t work like that at all. . .

I still haven’t found out what the left foot chakra does exactly.

The second Chakra

Now I have analysed the parts of the second chakra. How they are connected with the body parts I still don’t know. Here are the parts:

  • Life energy, body strength
  • Beauty
  • Looks
  • Nourishment
  • Procreation
  • Regeneration
  • Dealing with injuries
  • Dying

I don’t have detailed data about all chakra parts. Beauty and looks are actually two different functions.

Parts 3, 4 and 5 are represented in the outside channel.

Part 3: Looks contain the body and clothing, finding fitting and useful clothing (winter/summer), the maintenance of the clothes etc.

Part 4: contains obtaining the right (or wrong) nourishment. The taste cells are also concerned. If I like eating what is bad for me I have (among others) the wrong programs for this chakra part.

Part 6: Regeneration concerns cell renewal, the body’s defences, disposal of toxic substances (lymph).

Part 7: Dealing with injuries. Here what we call physical healing power is controlled, no matter if we use it for us or others. It may be used for others via the hand chakras, for example.

Here, there is no standard program package. People who lack a lot of healing power get packages of 220.000 programs. I only got 20.000.

Part 8: If everything is in order here you can die as you want it – pain-free and peaceful. Who wants to die to avoid pain should be able to do so as well.

Having the perfect program is no guarantee that what you wanted works. We know, after all, that there are countless possibilities to block something but faulty programs certainly won’t lead to success.