Journal 2

January 6, 2014

The Lemurian Soul Group

What I found out about the Lemurian soul group overthrows some former information of mine. I’m sure that much more is to come about this soul group and some of what I’m writing today will have to be corrected. I know a lot about my and Karin’s role in this soul group but for the time being I leave that out. All statements come from questioning and will probably have to be reviewed and corrected soon. It is however important to know the essence for a start.

The Lemurian soul group came into existence 1.3 million years ago in another dimension than ours. I call the Lemurian dimension A and ours B. No dimension is better than the other. It has nothing to do with ascension. The dimensions are merely various playing fields that are separated from one another.

Lemuria existed for 800.000 years and during this time had two queens which hints to the fact that female energy was highly estimated. The Lemurians had physical bodies but there was no physical death.

There were no soul partners. The whole soul group was soul partner. The connection of two was not of importance. Sex was a natural group event. It didn’t serve for procreation since there was no procreation. The number of Lemurians was 500 million.

900.000 years ago: First emigration

Ca. 900.000 years ago 10 million souls separated from the soul group and incarnated in (our) dimension B on Earth as dragons. So dragons do not originate from the Earth soul but grew up under its influence. Soul partnership and breeding developed among the dragons. The souls for the offspring were fetched from the Lemurian soul group which shrank very slowly because of that. Dragons were the first beings on Earth.

750.000 years ago: Second emigration

750.000 years ago 100 million souls wandered off to Atlantis. Atlantis was on Earth but in the same dimension A as Lemuria. There was contact between the planets.

The Atlanteans developed a slight inclination to partnership. Since they didn’t have procreation, either, partnership was not prevalent. The soul connection between them was still very strong so that they felt comfortable everywhere with everyone. Atlantis existed for 520.000 years and in that time had 20 kings. The male energy obviously was prevalent.

650.000 Years ago: Third emigration

10 million souls changed into dimension B 650.000 years ago and founded the tribe/nation of the Anunnaki on Anu. They developed partnership and procreated. The children of the Anunnaki also got Lemurian souls.

Dragons and Anunnaki had partnership and procreation. There was vivid exchange between the two races over thousands of years. Dragons visited Anunnaki and Annunaki visited dragons many hundreds of times. They were, after all, from the same Lemurian family.

500.000 years ago: Destruction of Lemur

Race C destroyed the planet, for what reason ever. They didn’t use a weapon like we know them from movies. It must have had to do with manipulations on the dimension. During the destruction there were ca. 350 million Lemurians on the planet.

Of course the souls were not destroyed by this. They were forced to find other forms of existence.  A part of them got in line with the dragons and Anunnaki in order to incarnate there when offspring was due. This wasn’t possible among the Atlanteans since they didn’t procreate. But 10 million Lemurians apparently managed to go to Atlantis a short time before the catastrophe.

The rest of the souls founded five new civilisations: Dracs, Greys, Aldebaranians, and on two planets in another time line.

230.000 years ago: Demise of Atlantis

Here, race C was also involved. The souls of Atlantis spread onto the already existing races. By this they were also forced to get used to procreation.

100.000 years ago: Destruction of the Greys’ planet

60.000 years ago: Destruction of the Dracs’ planet

The Soul Group of the Guardians

Before I deal with the up-coming of us humans I have to talk about the soul group of the guardians. They came into existence in the time around the destruction of Lemur, ergo 500.000 years ago. Maybe this soul group arose out of the necessity of protecting the dimensions and planets. Which way ever this happened, dimensional- and planet guardians came in large numbers. So there are Venus guardians, Neptune guardians etc., and on Earth it’s the snakes and Earth beings. It didn’t help much though. The dimensional guardians were made demons; planet guardians, snakes and Earth beings were enslaved and used for dark purposes.

These are new findings. Dragons, snakes and Earth beings don’t come from the Earth soul. And the dragons were the first beings here.

12.000 years ago

The Anunnaki, under dark rule, created the human body. Since these bodies had a comparatively short life span there were much higher birth rates. Souls from various soul groups and galaxies were able to incarnate here easily. Maybe that was the point. But I don’t want to get philosophical.

The model “human” seems to be the first one which is not bound to one soul group. Surely, there are many here of Lemurian origin but also guardian souls, Lions, Wowos, Whales and others.

Other soul groups

In our vicinity there are the Reptilians and the Wowo1 as separate soul groups. Both are not yet ready for an individual form of existence.

There are Sirians and Pleiadians. I am not sure whether they are related.

In other galaxies I know the upright and four-legged Lions as one soul group. The Insects are a group but the Mantis are a separate group. Naturally there are many, many more but we don’t know them.

Big Soul Expulsion

Yesterday evening there was a magical attack on Karin, this morning another one and three attacks against me. Every time it was ten magicians with evil souls. I threw their souls out and off to exile. Then I freed the Dracs in the soul body and finally I sent the magic back into the magicians’ bodies.

Well. But why are there still people with souls that have to go into exile? And if there are more, we should start a campaign to get them out.

A few hours later it started. 100, 200, 300 people were brought. The numbers grew, as usual. Souls into exile, Dracs healed, always the same. I was just stunned how many people with evil souls there were. You’ll hardly believe it, it was 1.644 billion people.

No wonder that the truth isn’t coming into the open on our planet. These evil souls were probably a little more harmless than the invaders because the whole 1.644 billion were done in 30 minutes.

The work however went on. There were still 2.6 billion people who had Dracs in their soul body. Those are cleared now as well.

So we have now 1.644 billion humans with miniature souls, and added to that 320 million ex-invaders. That makes in total ca. 2 billion people who can live with this soul only for a very limited time.

Something unbelievable is going to happen and the whole network of suppression will be gone in a short time. This is confirmed by a lot of energy. I know more but I don’t want to predict too much because it is too easy to fall flat on my face.

My Contract Partners say Goodbye

I didn’t even know about them. Something was pressing around on my left forearm. I asked all that came to my mind. It was beings, no evil ones but also none that needed healing. Aha, they were friends. They were not in my body. They came from outside. But what did they want?

First I had 10 Anunnaki and I had to delete the contract I obviously had with them and set them free. Good. Next, 10 dragons came, then 10 snakes, 10 Earth beings, 10 Lions. Then three times 10 beings from races I didn’t know. After that 10 Dracs, 10 Greys and 10 Mantis. This happened within 2 hours. The whole things seemed to me like “thanks for the cooperation, take care!”


Don’t forget: clocks may have 500ers.

Earth energy tonight is on 3.9.

January 7, 2014

Earth Energy is stabilized

After waking up late, in the late morning, I checked the Earth energy immediately expecting a value between 4 and 5. Astonished, I was able to count up to ten and even further to 15!!! Imagine – 15fold Earth energy. The value is there and stays there. Wow, wow!

Design and Copyright in the Universe

I investigated a little about how the various body shapes came to be. The result made me laugh. All body shapes of the many races of the Lemurian soul group are pirate copies. Well, there are no copyrights so all are legal copies. And nearly all are modified. Changes have been built in, probably with the intention of optimizing the design.

Let’s begin with us humans. Our body shape has been copied from the Pleiadians. The Anunnaki must have liked this shape. They were here together with the Peiadians and generated us out of the Pleiadian genotype. This means we stem from genetically manipulated Pleiadian babies. Fascinatingly simple.

A thought about the “why?” is due. As far I could make out the human body is the first vehicle into which souls of all races can incarnate as soon as they are ready for the existence in 3D. Among other races only the same soul group is able to incarnate. I don’t know why that is, but Earth is the first intergalactic playground for many races. Maybe that was the real purpose of this design.

The Pleiadians are also a copy of another race which is commonly unknown. I think it is number 23 in the helper’s list. But no matter! They aren’t an original, either. We are the sixth copy of an original; that means there are seven races including us who look like humans. Maybe it is just like with cars? Each new model is better than the last one. No kidding – I think this even makes sense.

And where do the originals come from? Did a creator god create them? No, it was groups of beings beyond space and time, that is Wowo and co. In all this you have to understand that we all were Wowo at one time. More than 1,3 million years ago, before the origin of the Lemurian soul group, we (Lemurians) consisted only of Higher Self and Oversoul.

The dragons are a copy of an original dragon race from another galaxy. The dragons are identical with their original. They were given unmanipulated dragon eggs. Nonetheless a change was necessary so that the dragon souls could get into the eggs. But this change was made in the souls, not in the eggs. The original dragons helped with that.

The Anunnaki are a modified copy of the Mantis. The Mantis themselves are a copy of the original so this chain isn’t as long as ours. But they are not as pretty, are they?

So who helped the Anunnaki to get their bodies? It was the Earth dragons and the original dragons. The Mantis bodies were heavily genetically changed until it was usable for the Lemurian souls. They didn’t like the bodies, though. They would have preferred a human body but that didn’t fit with their soul.

On this cooperation, too, the ancient friendship of Anunnaki and dragons is based.

The Aldebaranians are also a Pleiadian copy. The Anunnaki were doing genetic work for the first time on them. Therefore they had had some practice for our bodies.

The Drakonians are the eighth copy of an unknown original. They were helped by the dragons.

The Greys are a fifth copy of the Wowo 1 who are an original.  This Wowo 1 soul group stayed a collective, though. That is why the Greys are still not apt for a human body. The reason why their bodies cannot keep up with others is because they didn’t want help with the body design. They wanted to do everything by themselves. It was probably their experiment.

The snakes, the Earth beings and all guardians are a new design, they are originals.

The Age of the Races:

Dolphins: 3.5 million years. They are an original.

Upright Lions: 3 million years. – They are a modification of the four-legged race which is 3.5 million years old.

Mantis: 2 million years. The original is 3.5 million years old.

Sirians: 1.5 million years. Originated from the Mantis.

Pleiadians: 1.55 million years. The original humanoid design is 3 million years old.

Dragons: 900.000 Years. Original: 2 million.

Anunnaki: 650.000 years.

500.000 years old are:

All guardians - snakes, Earth beings, planet guardians, sun system guardians, galaxy guardians, dimensional guardians (Whales are originally planet guardians on Antares).

The new races, after the catastrophe: 2 x time liners, Aldebaranians, Drakos, Greys (Wowo 1 = 3.5 million years)

After finishing the first version of this text I asked the various races whether they were content with what I wrote. Most of them were except the Anunnaki, Lions and Pleiadians.

I had written about the Anunnaki, “The Mantis bodies were genetically altered very much until it fitted for the Lemurian souls and they liked it.” That was wrong. The body didn’t please them. They rather wanted to have a human-like body but for that their soul wasn’t ready yet.

I didn’t know about the Lions that the original was the four-legged Lions. I thought both were copied from one original. They wanted me to correct that.

I had found 1 million years for the Pleiadians first. They insisted I write 1.55 million.