Journal 1

January 1, 2014

January 2, 2014

(uploaded only on the 3rd because of internet problems)
Nice you got through 2013 and are here again.


About the Solar System:

Maybe you have noticed I made a correction in Cleaning Works 27, for we only have 8 planets, instead of nine. But there are 8 comets which have a channel from the Sun. I did a quick research in the internet and immediately found seven of them. Longer research is pointless since it hardly concerns us.

Nonetheless, here is a list of comets (7 of 8) which are supplied through channels: Hyakutake, Kohoutek, P/Shoemaker-Levy 9, Halley, Mueller 93, Comet West, Hale Bopp. Ison is not one of them.

The question how the planet that now figures as the Asteroid Belt was destroyed was answered: race C destroyed it.


Endless Blockages – Tinnitus

The subject of tinnitus wasn’t finished by far. The next morning the sound was back. I found ten tapping spots which obviously showed up time-delayed. This is a type of delay I haven’t been able to dissolve yet.

The newly found taps only took 5 minutes per piece to dissolve whereas the first one had taken 12 hours. The question whether these cheap taps work at all needs no answer since they have to go in order to get on. What followed was a mixture of implants, aggregates, taps and beings, seemingly endless. It kept me busy more than one day.

Then another big implant turned up which took the helpers 12 hours to dissolve. When this was over it was quiet in my ear. This morning a new noise is there, new taps and the rest as well.

Meanwhile I eased my work. I know the helpers can dissolve taps, implants and aggregates without me. For time switches and beings they need me so I let them work and ask about every fifteen minutes if I’m needed on one of the work sites. This is less stressful because I don’t have to pay attention to what they are doing.

This evening the noise suddenly stopped. The helpers had been working all day and now they had finished obviously. I had expected a big tap in the end but there was nothing and it’s quiet. . . until now . . .

The noise is gone. A very weak high tone remains, like from conventional TV-sets. It doesn’t bother me but there is probably something behind it. . . and I found it promptly. There is rage from myself, even 5 old-hours.

The same problem shows up with the taps in nose and eye: endless blockages and taps follow the first tap.

My left shoulder has 30 times the 10.000 blockages, ergo 150.000 implants, 150.000 levels of aggregates, 30.000 time delays and every now and then a few beings in between. Nose, eye, shoulder, all this is being worked on still.


Surveillance System

Before I reach the nice topics there are some more interfering things. I had reported that there was a human-driven manipulation- and surveillance system with many thousands of bases on Earth. I haven’t found a method yet to do something against those facilities. But we can get rid of the receivers. I think this has to be done no matter if the system exists or not.

All people have those taps in their head but there is much more. I recently found special implants which serve this purpose – surveillance and manipulation.

They are in the body, not in the chakras, but most are contributed to the chakras. For example, here is a distribution as I have found it:

Spine, 1. Chakra 4
Spine, 2. Chakra 4
Spine, 3. Chakra 12
Spine, 4. Chakra 16
Throat 23
Neck 1 30
Neck 2 6
Neck 3 4
Right foot 4
Right knee 4
Right elbow 26
Right shoulder 34

So far I found out that feelings are sent through those implants. So after removing them also the feelings should be healed which are still in the body.

What is being sent is: fear, emotional pain, anger, frustration, disgust, guilt and doubt/insecurity. These feelings can be applied according to a situation. They can mess up every day by that. You also get the feeling that the healing you have been doing all along has brought no change because the guys can construct the same emotional mess again and again. Besides, pain may grow where the implants are located.

I had never found those implants before. I think they were protected until the new year.

This surveillance is built in more or less intensely in 40% of the people. This is a lot of people. For what do they need the NSA?


The Higher Self

Yes, according to questioning Karin and I have free contact to the HS. Only we don’t notice much of it. Karin is still miserable. There isn’t much more I can say about this except that it was an immense load of work to eliminate it all.

Anunnaki Contracts

Today I wanted to check a few friends about the contracts but there weren’t any contracts left. What was going on? All Anunnaki contracts in about 40 million people were expired, and even the distribution of the programs in the chakras was done. I checked from all sides, but it seems to be true – all restrictions through the contracts are gone.

Again I asked if the contracts had been deleted in all people. It said “yes, but”. So there are exceptions? “Yes.” How many exceptions? More than one thousand? “No.” More than one hundred? “No”. More than ten? “No”. More than one? “No”. So there was only one exception and that was me!

I still had three contracts but they are not restrictive. These contracts bind me to finish my job. There is still something to uncover and I have to play my part in it. And this is what I want anyway.

The other good news is that my job is supposed to be finished in three weeks. Not only will I have peace then but also it‘s nice that by then there will be nothing more to uncover. I do so hope this is correct.



Actually, earthing is not a good word. I think this is where the misunderstandings come from about what earthing really is. And then there is a mix-up with the energies of the root chakra. So I have to explain it all one more time:

Physical Earth receives energy and programs from the root chakra of the Sun via its channel, just like some body parts of us receive energy and programs from our root chakra. Earth needs the Sun’s root chakra energy in order to supply us with physical things.

If our human energy system is disturbed, it is possible that our needs don’t reach the Earth via our foot chakras. If the Earth’s energy system is faulty, Earth cannot fulfil our needs. In both cases we have bad earthing, if you want to put it this way.

(For example, the spiritual people who consider matter as low and probably negative and glorify all purely spiritual things, automatically have bad earthing.)

The Sun constantly sends a power to Earth which may be called earthing power or earthing energy. This energy ought to be around everywhere on Earth so that, as is explained above, we get all we need. There are still lots of interferences as I’m going to report now.

I will, to begin with, assume the value 1 for the Earth energy in a place without disturbance. So value 1 would be the maximum value. Well, and now probably comes the most important and beautiful news in a long time: the Sun has begun to increase this energy tenfold on December 31. The value 1 will increase to 10.

This means that Earth will be able to deliver ten times the energy to us in predictable time. Imagine you earn ten times the money you do at the moment. And without inflation at that, so the value of the money stays the same. You could afford ten cars instead of one (which would be nonsense of course). All would be available in abundance for our requirements. That is how I see it.

The value 10 should be obtained by January 7. When there will be visible results I don’t know. A financial crisis should be avoided now.

Of course I researched whether the value of Earth energy had been so high in history of mankind. It said “no”. A little later I thought of Lemuria and I got the value 10 for Earth energy. So, why does it say “no” first and for Lemuria “yes”? The realization and the shock hit me when I was writing these lines. Lemuria was not on Earth. It was the destroyed planet, our asteroid belt. The planet’s name was probably Lemur, in any case the name has energy. The souls of Lemur may have spread on Earth and the majority on Aldebaran, maybe also before the destruction.

This topic came bursting in unexpectedly. It seems important to me but now let’s continue with earthing.

Programs and other problems of earthing

I checked the Earth energy in various rooms and partly it was still on 0.01. In some floors I found another 500 programs which had to be deleted. 100 bad programs were to be found in objects.

Later I asked if I was to do something that improved the earthing in the house. It said “yes”. However, it was nothing energetic but I was to change something physical. People, did I have to guess! I found my destination by looking for the disturbance. And I found my cloud buster (CB) which is up on my terrace.

Yes, I was very surprised. The CB, of which you expect good things, disturbs the Earth energy. I got the following data: the CB reduces the Earth energy to one per mille in its centre, ergo 0.001 instead of 1. On the whole upper story the energy was 0.003, up to 15 metres away from the centre. In 100 metres distance Earth energy is still only 0.01, only 1% of the maximum.

In the lower level the CB has no effect, only directly beneath it. But from the level of the CB upwards its effect is limitless. This is because the Earth energy goes from below upwards and the CB practically cuts it off. And the Earth energy decreases upwards. In 1000m distance from the surface the energy has ca. 15%. All this data, and the following, I obtained by questioning, I have to add.

The CB loses its negative effect when you take the crystals out because then it is not a CB anymore. The pipes don’t matter. Other orgonite objects don’t have a negative effect. The interference seems to originate from the hexagonal order of the crystals in the CB. By questioning I just found out: rock crystals in hexagonal order, pointed upwards, disturb the Earth energy by factor 1000. The same structure, but in lying position, only disturbs by factor 3. One only would like to be able to prove that.

The inventor of the Cloud buster of this type is Don Croft. I just had a look at his soul. It belongs to race D (not Delta), ergo a pretty dangerous soul. And it was still in the body, until now.

I wondered whether there were more disturbances in my house and in the end I found the refrigerator as the only source. But what is wrong with it that isn’t wrong with the stove? It‘s its electric motor. However it only disturbs when it is on which goes for all electric motors. The disturbance however is low compared to the CB, only about 5% as strong as the CB. This means in its centre the value 1 is reduced to 0.2. In one metre distance the influence is almost zero. I didn’t research how far this influences foodstuffs. I think it is tolerable.

Next, I wanted to know if the Earth’s magnetic field has any influence on the Earth energy. It turned out that the maximal possible disturbance of the magnetic field can reduce the Earth energy to a third. The interference which is generated in the magnetic field by the iron in my roof reduces the Earth energy to 0.8.

One more concluding thought: The ex-invaders with the “cheap souls” which they got in order not to drop dead at once naturally don’t have a connection to Earth anymore. They won’t have any benefit of the ten times increased Earth energy. They can only watch how we get better. I don’t know how things are going to proceed for them. They cannot live for a long time with those souls. You can’t stay healthy without the three lower chakras.


January 3, 2014

The tinnitus game goes on and on . . . endless blockages.
I’m working with 1219 now on the “miniature souls”.
From time to time Mopsi brings Delta souls, up to a few billion.


Race D Souls

When I found a race D soul in a body yesterday I was alarmed and wanted to know how many of them were in bodies. It said “1000”. They should get out of there, as soon as possible.

This noon all seemed to be prepared for getting the souls out. They brought me 5 humans to get their souls out. Well, I thought, this is going to become more. I thought wrong. It continued with five until all were out. They were exactly 1020 souls. Of course I also had to get all Dracs out of the soul bodies so they lose all power. The fact that only five were worked on per round shows how dangerous these guys were.


Lack of Scent

This topic doesn’t concern many readers because the problem only exists in 59 countries, mainly in East Europe and South America. And here. It is the lack of scents. We can notice burnt plastic and garlic at noon but a good smell is really rare.

I especially noticed that with coffee. You cut open a package and. . . . nothing. You have to stick your nose in to smell a little something. I remember passing by coffee-shops in Germany; you could smell that from far away. And this when the coffee is produced here.

And you smell nature. You go into a forest and suck the air into your lungs with joy. And here? Not even the sea smells like the sea. It’s a strange phenomenon. Karin says it is as if the environment is only two-dimensional, like a screen saver. The perception of smell through which you draw the environment into you and become part of it just isn’t there.

I think that scent has a lot to do with feelings. Especially nature’s smells cause good feelings in us. This is enjoyment we lack here. When you’ve grown used to it you hardly notice it but I think the disturbance affects much more than smelling only. It is possible that the whole area of enjoyment in general is concerned.

The problem lies in a manipulation of programs. These programs are within matter. They are not in the soil but in the objects and plants standing on it. Mostly there are 100 or 200 programs which have been manipulated by aliens.

Not the whole island is infected which goes for the other countries as well. Helpers have already begun to reprogram the topic on our island. This is said to have taken only an hour. They want to finish everything within three days. And in one month we can expect scent. How nice this would be!


January 4, 2014

I quite forgot to tell you about the distribution of the 1020 souls. It was pretty clearly perceptible: 880 in USA and 140 in Israel.


Lemuria and Atlantis

My research led to the result that Lemuria and Atlantis were not in our dimension. They were physical realities but just in another dimension. This means also that nothing of Atlantis will be found on Earth although the Atlantic people lived on Earth.

Time however was identical with our time. Thus I could also learn that the Lemurian souls came into existence 1.3 million years ago and that their planet was destroyed 500.000 years ago. Atlantis arose 750.000 years ago and went down 230.000 years ago.

All this happened in another dimension for at the same time, in our dimension, Anu visited us for the first time 550.000 years ago. He stayed for 100 years after which he took the dragon princess Id with him.

Humans whose souls come from Lemuria carry a grave trauma in their soul. Up to 1200 (old) healing hours have come up. The helpers have to work ca. 4 days on that in order to dissolve the pain.

There are humans with dragon souls who have Lemurian and Atlantic trauma. This means after the destruction of Lemuria they came to Atlantis and after the demise of Atlantis they came into our dimension as dragon souls. They must have seen both destruction events, otherwise they wouldn’t have the trauma. You also find Aldebaranian souls with Lemurian trauma because many went there.

On Aldebaran a veil of forgetting was laid on the past. The pain was too strong. That’s why you stand against a wall if you want to heal the past lives of people with Aldebaranian soul origin. If you know the history, you get through the wall.


Eleven Beings

After our month-long dissolving of blockages I found in Karin and me eleven manipulated, healable beings spread over the whole body. I checked other people and found another eleven beings. According to questioning ca. 600 million people are said to have those beings in their bodies.

During the dissolving of blockages you find lots of beings in your body, thousands or millions, according to their calibre. But these eleven seem to have an extraordinary effect. I was astonished to find them only now. So – another problem you may have.


Evil Programs in our Household

In the course of my investigations about earthing I found new programs in various things which although not especially interfering with earthing lessen the quality of the energies in our living space. Here is a list of objects which were manipulated by programs:

My laptop, Karin’s laptop, the internet router, the sowing machine, both refrigerators, stove, emergency energy supply (generator 1 and 2), an emergency battery, 2 ventilators, a hair curler and another similar thing, the washing machine, 3 gas bottles.

In the storage: drill, oscillating sander, jig saw, cordless screwdriver (this is all I use).

Outside: the car, the battery extra

A few things didn’t have problems: the main emergency batteries (perhaps because they are not in the house), one hair dryer, the blender, my mini-laptop, my cheap reserve PC. The three last things are hardly used, TV and radio haven’t been used in years and were ok. I’m astonished that my guitars and the small amplifier were ok (the amplifier was relatively new, maybe that’s why). Oh, my old guitar which I lent somebody was heavily infested.

What does the manipulation look like?

The devices got 500 programs each by astral invader beings. One effect which I found out is that those devices draw negative feelings to them. They can be one’s own suppressed feelings or other people’s feelings. Each device only collects one sort of feeling. If the charge of feelings gets too high the device starts making trouble and in the end stops working. This is one effect, the other may be that you get affected by those feelings yourself if you handle the devices.

My oscillating sander and my jig saw had about 30 hours of fear stored in them and both machines were making trouble. The cordless screwdriver was unusable; there were 90 hours of fear in it. I asked whether I should just throw it away. It said “no”. The fear is to be healed even if the device isn’t working anymore. But machines can repair themselves through the removing of the feelings.

It goes on. In many devices there was also an evil being (off to exile) and one healable one. This brings more stress and makes healing more difficult. The evil beings can only be removed by having them shipped into exile because they cannot be healed at the moment. The healable beings can only be removed through healing. Whoever doesn’t know this will have difficulty getting rid of those beings.

I thought I had freed all devices when something pressed on my chest. This happens often when I have to heal something concerning the heart chakra. However I didn’t find anything in my body, channels, chakras or soul. It was in the outside, down in one room. Ah – my old extra screen. That was it.

So, people! These manipulations are very, very frequent. Most of you might have similarly manipulated devices. Well, and how are we gonna get those mass amounts healed?


Earth Energy and Prophecies

I perceive Earth energy now, midnight of January 4th in my time, on the value 2,2.

Of course I asked curiously how this is going to affect us people in a practical way when the energy rises up to 10. For many things I thought of I got a “no” but one thing got really big energy. If you promise not to put too much into my words I tell you what I found out (I did fall on my nose quite a few times with my prophecies).

A lot of energy came for “progress in physics, regarding gravity”, - “change in the laws of physics”. Practically this means that there will be flying devices on an anti-gravity basis. This technology will expand so rapidly that the production of cars is going to be dismissed soon. The flying devices create their own energy, no energy supply is needed. Travelling and transport will be free of cost.

Energy supply will be changed to the same technology. No resources will be needed. Energy will be produced locally and for free. There will be no more “fight for survival”. There will be no reason for global conflicts. No one has to secure resources for the future. This way also the financial system will be changed for all people’s advantage.

All this sounds too good to be true. Don’t get your hopes up too high, these are only answers to my questioning which might have been whispered in my ear by a leprechaun. But it felt so right.