15th October 2013

Franz Erdl

It is not of essential importance to understand this article. But I will write down here what I have learned from the soul. And I don’t want to raise the impression that I’m doing pirate’s work here but I have merely set forth a procedure which is precise and scrupulously monitored by the soul.

Here is the structure of DNA as the soul has presented it to me:

The smallest element I call the sub-element. Science surely calls it by other names, but I had no interest in researching the topic.

The graphic begins on the left with 20 sub-elements, these 20 forming the first element. When I have to make repairs, I refer to the number of the element. The first element has the number 20 (not zero), the second has the number 40.

To repeat: the first element is called number 20 and ends with the 20th sub-element. The eighth element is called number 210, begins with the 180th sub-element and ends with the 210th. This doesn’t have to be understood but the soul gives me the numbers 20 and 210 in the above cases. I have learned over time what it means.

Starting at element 150 all elements are 30 sub-elements long. Here is where the actual gene information begins. There are groupings which I call "a word". A word consists of at least 4 through a maximum of 7 elements (120 through 210 sub-elements). The next group I call "a sentence". A sentence may consist of 660-900 words. These consist of approximately 40.000-60.000 sub-elements. A gene consists of 4 through 16 sentences.

An element = 30 sub-elements (for gene code)
One word = 4 - 7 elements
A sentence = 660-900 words
A gene = 4 - 16 sentences

Each sentence begins with the 5 typical elements 20, 40, 60, 80 and 120. Thus you recognize the beginning of a sentence. Here the actual gene information begins. If I have to make a repair, the soul gives me only the number of the element, e.g. 14270. I do not know which sentence or gene it is. The soul simply presents me with the respective sentence and gives me the element numbers. It also jumps from one sentence to another when the previous one is finished.

Obviously, the soul wishes that the change of an element which indeed affects the physical expression is desired by a physical being (in this case - myself). I have to pronounce it in a certain form. This procedure has to be done three times per change. If an error should occur, the soul blocks the process. It continues only when the error is found.

Anunnaki-Manipulation in the DNA

The Anunnaki manipulations were made very specific in only a few elements. They have nothing to do with the stop elements mentioned in the first DNA-article, but certain data have been changed. The soul has the original data and wants to have the errors corrected.

Example of an Anunnaki manipulation:

210, 14270 and 15450 are manipulated. A correction can contain up to 30 elements.

Mantis Manipulation

A Mantis manipulation is immediately recognizable. It looks something like this:

For these manipulations people were abducted and worked on by Mantis. Obviously these spacecrafts wobbled to and fro considerably and the manipulations were executed a little roughly, as you can see. These manipulations are made in the first and second chakras. The soul information is never touched.

I always ask in advance how many elements will have to be changed. And then I get 60 or even 100. At first, I used to get frightened because it takes time to find the right numbers. But when I had understood the principle of the Mantis-manipulation, I was reassured because there were always only ten to twenty consecutive numbers, and those can be found quickly.