Daily Reports 2

February 2015


1. February 2015

Race G

Until lately I thought there were no humans with race G souls. Race G souls descend from the universe G. They seem to be the root of all evil and they are more dangerous than all other races.

I know now, that I wasn't confronted with those humans, because I was not yet able to break their protection. This protection consists of alternating layers of invisibility and shielding, of course in great quantity.

There were about 3000 humans with G-souls. All ran through my hands yesterday. The shielding was deleted and, more importantly, the suctions, from which they were living, were removed. Since they seem to suck quite heavily, they had usually 10 or more suctions per chakra. They were supplied from a number of humans.

There were some in high positions, others, that worked magic, e.g. meteorological disasters and wars. And there were some, whose only purpose was to withdraw the energy of capable and good people.

Today came another three small groups with about 20 people in total.


The Gs’ Magic with a vast supply system

Even if the Gs on earth are now (hopefully) harmless, their magic is still working. I found two typical systems, which they use to make their magic unsolvable for most humans:

System 1:

Well, I already described controller systems. Again in short: There is one controller C1, which can distribute 50 times the magic or programs or objects etc. If C1 is deleted, is C2 able to restore it up to three times. C3 can restore C2, C4 can restore C3 and so on. In the last months I found systems up to C16, then C20 and even C24. But in case of Gs those are peanuts. Their typical system:

C200, C300, C500, C1000, C1500, C2000, C2500, C3000, C3500 and C5000. The whole thing exists as well in a shielded version.

What I mean is, that for one issue all 10 controller systems are used plus the 10 shielded systems. Of course there are smaller systems, but even bigger ones, accomplished by adding more controller hierarchies. However, the C5000 seems to be the biggest hierarchy.

System 2:

One controller holds 100 portions of magic etc. and 100 shielded portions. And this controller exists 500 quadrillion times. Here the problem is simply the amount. There is no hierarchy.

But that's not all. These 500 Quadrillion are used 15 times with a distinct polarization. In any sequence you can find:

  • accessible with shielded +
  • accessible with invisible + ♠
  • accessible with invisibly shielded + ♣
  • shielded with invisible + ♠
  • shielded with invisibly shielded + ♣
  • invisible with invisibly shielded ♠ + ♣

Those are the possible variations.
On important occasions both systems are used. I found those on different uses:

  • Intense effort to flood my home again. Effort unsuccessful.
  • Cold spell in USA. There were systems put into place that are 15 times larger than the above.
  • Elements in England
  • Elements in Australia
  • Overall 7 meteorological manipulations.
  • Magic in Ukraine (triplex)
  • Magic towards Pegida (8-fold!)
  • A total of five current issues

Further uses in the personal area:

  • Securing the tinnitus for some people. Both systems placed. But those are as well only a part of the whole magical effort. Tinnitus can be a gigantic issue.
  • In case you come too far with certain skills, condition-switches kick in. Those then put system one and two into the body. This might bring up pain.
  • Magic in my home.

And many more personal troubles.


February 9, 2015

Rockets of the Gs

I created this name, because it’s about multilevel controller systems. For example a base level C500, then a C100 over it, followed by a C10. That would be a three-level rocket. Commonly the same thing exists in a shielded version. There are also very small rockets in these four variants:

  • accessible
  • shielded
  • invisible
  • invisibly shielded

As acronym for these four variants I take the “4 Colors”, like in the card game.

  • accessible = diamond
  • shielded = heart
  • invisible = spade ♠
  • invisibly shielded = clubs ♣

The soul groups dragon, lion, mantis etc., where the over-soul dwell in the fifth dimension, have such rockets rather in the case of tinnitus. In the remaining energy system these schemes appear probably not.

In soul groups, that are connected to the seventh dimension, like Guardians, Wowos and some Annunaki, rockets can be found more often. There are humans with special over-souls. They have swarms of rockets. There are whole rocket silos for single issues. The highest level count currently is 24.

There was, for example, a global tinnitus machine, which had the following rockets: 24-, 21-, 18-, 15-, 12-, 10-, 9- and 8-ary.  And the same again shielded. The deleting of the machine didn't make a difference in my case. There are just so many noise sources.


Depression, fear and panic

At these issues it is possible that rockets are in use. In case of depression, magic is used. Fear can be delivered directly. To generate panic, fear and magic are used. Similar to the tinnitus machine mostly eight rockets up to 15 levels are used and eight shielded.

You can assume, that the deletion of those energies activates an army of condition triggers and time switches, with which you have to grapple with for some time, if you don't find them straight away.


Rockets in the head

Rocket use in the head for “fixed thought patterns” and obsessive thoughts, difficulties with thinking, mostly regarding certain subjects, crippling parts of the brain etc.


Chinese soul groups

An accidental discovery. The majority of Chinese descend from a soul group that I didn't know before. I can call it the Chinese soul group. Contrary to Dragons, Lions or Mantis, their subtle form was more human-like. They have all chakras and modules like we have. They are a good soul group and it is about two million years old, like the Lions.

Of course, in China there are all other soul groups and group-souls, good and evil kinds, as well.


Hand Query

Good news. Since I can delete rockets quickly, 420 psitalent readers were brought to me in bundles. At every one were some 12-level rockets to remove, which released an object in the hand chakra. Days later there were activations for 200 people. It’s said to take three days until it begins to work. I really hope so, because I lack the passion to discover everything on my own.