Daily Reports 1

January 2015

January 2, 2015

Machines – a few Days left

I would have so much to write about the activation of modules, like I was allowed to experience it today, but the machines put me in a really bad mood. In this atmosphere I have a feeling, that I am only producing bullshit. Therefore I try to describe the events of the last two days in short.

I had to delay the requests concerning partnership modules the last three days, because to me the interference of machines provoke too many failures. As a result everything takes three times as long and at the end I am not sure, if I answered correctly.

I gave predictions, that the machines are running out tomorrow. But nobody knows that for sure. Two Anunnaki groups with 1000 beings each are working on this. Group 1, for example, is working in the universe G, and group 2 in universe H. Group 1 brings machines to me, that I render harmless. If they find nothing else for the moment, group 2 is next and group 1 goes to universe I. But they don't know, if they will find anything through the next walk.

I am almost certain, that the activation of the questioning by hand, but even second sight, second hearing etc. can only happen after the destruction of all machines. What many machines are good at, is producing false information. They are able to create a real chaos of information and poison human minds against each other.


Module activation big time

What I know only as of recently, is that modules themselves can be adjusted to a certain percentage. This adjustment is a further regulation for our safety. The steps, from which I spoke before, are accomplished by deleting bugging programs from the data storage of the modules. But this data storage is in the chakra, were every module has its storage area. The modules themselves don't store data.

To ensure safety there is only one over-soul, which is able to change the settings of modules. Even if it was possible to steal modules, nobody could change them. This over-soul is in the 99th dimension. Everybody who paid attention, knows, that there has to be a lot of energy. Therefore this being is able to work with many humans simultaneously.

In my current, through machines disrupted, mood I don't want to go deeper. Just that: until now three modules from 300.000 humans were activated. For humans that heal, or try to heal themselves, or read up on the matter of chakras and modules, were a lot more modules activated. For all the immortality module was activated up to 80%.

OK, guys. The machines annoying me now the whole day. The internet isn't working for three hours. Therefore I won't be able to upload this text until January 3. I try it again first thing after sleeping it off.

January 13, 201

Wrong info without end

I am currently in a phase, were I shovel loads of sources of false information out of me. That are for the main part beings. Beings, that are built-in me, that are built-in Karin, or that are outside of us, but in some form programmed on us. This process is now going on some days and it's difficult to say, when they all will be gone. The beings, that are not in my body, but through some programs in different places acting on me, are especially hard to find.
Those beings accomplished, among other things, to simulate for days the existence of machines. But I had in fact managed to eliminate all machines till 12/31. At last Karin's complaint (that it feels like as we are running in circles and don't move forward) was the trigger for the new insights.

Mainly those beings were programmed to block Karin's healing. They faked false causes, which I had to deal with. They could always hide the real causes. That I was confronted with non existing machines, caused that I didn't move forward with Karin.

It's hard to say, when the air is clear. And I want to alert everyone, who can free their awareness channels, that you probably get a lot of trouble with the lying beings. Some issues are not disturbed at all and other issues are always disturbed. It is not simple.


Manipulated body containers

This subject had been covered up by the liars in Karin. It's about manipulations, which are likewise adherence to containers accomplished through telekinesis. But those manipulations are made by ghost beings of the race D. There are two variations:

  1. One body container is separated into two, so to say cut through. One part is therefore not supplied by energy anymore. The physical body part will reconstruct with time this separation and split in two parts. In case of Karin's arm bone before the fracture, the bone was energetically parted. Because of that the fracture did not heal for a month. I hope, it does now.
  2. Two body containers are joined together into one. In case of muscles the mobility is thereby limited and sore. But I found it in organs too, which means the functions will be restricted.

What to say? Again a new mess. Or a new possibility to solve bodily problems.


January 20, 2015

The consequences of the lies

Problem 1 is that the few people who have energetic perception, are presented with false information.

Problem 2 is that even souls which are here to help us, don't recognize our real problems.

Problem 3 is that the monitoring system for our universes was as a result, paralyzed by machines, which simulated a false positive reality.

To problem 3:

Yes, there is a monitoring system. It consists of souls in higher dimensions, but there is nothing “divine”. The system is not perfect, as we can see. As far as I could check out, the conditions for the activation of the monitoring system would have been available in 2004. But the system slept. It was lead to believe “Everything is in order in our universes – Intervention is not necessary”.

This “Everything is in order” was a very complex task of the evil side. Quadrillions of detailed information were invented to cover quadrillions of ills. For this purpose hundred thousands of machines were programmed.

The machines are gone. The monitoring system gave the alarm and concerned souls are stepping in. So very, very fast the effects are not noticable, because it has to be analyzed thoroughly, what is real and what is fake, because there are still enough lies, which are kept up through ghost beings. So ..

to problem 1 and 2:

A random example: I question: “Is my stomach OK?” - “Yes”. “Is there any problem?” - “No”.  “Are there invisibilities?” - “No”

But if I don't trust the case, I question “Are there liars?” - “Yes”. Usually there is a group of 50 liars and the removal takes three minutes. After that: “Are there invisibilities?” - “Yes” …. Only now the real blockades appearing.

Another example: I detect, that my regeneration is at 80%. Then I find a group of liars, remove them and learn then, that my regeneration is only at 30%.

When I work with other humans, I have to check now any issue on liars. Very often it's indicated to me, that the problem is already solved, which is not true.

Except for very few exceptions it is the same thing with helping ghost beings. They don't detect our problems. They also get the info that you are already healed and leave you alone, while you are as yet not at all healed. In general the ghost beings have a problem with liars or false realities and with invisibilities. They find contracts, but they are not allowed to delete them. Only as an incarnated being, you can delete contracts.


Pattern L like liar

One pattern has occurred very frequently. At first 50 liars. After that you can find four invisibilities, that hide programs. Next you find four shieldings, that hide the magic. The sequence of programs and magic can be interchanged. Typically you find the pattern L twelve times in a human. In potentially capable humans you can find twelve pattern L also repeatedly.

Pattern K

U = Invisibility, P = programs, M = magic, all numbers in minutes. That are minutes, that I need, to delete those blockades. It's therefore possible to take longer.

U30 - P3
U40 - M6
U50 - P10
U60 - M15
U70 - P20
U80 - M25
U90 - P30
U70 - M40
U50 - P50
U30 - M60

This pattern is not found as frequently as the pattern L, but it appeared repeatedly. If you therefore detect, that you found such an pattern, helpers are able to clean it completely.

Different invisibilities.

There are invisibilities, like here in case of pattern K, several people can dissolve the pattern together at the same time. Every single U30, U40 etc., consists of bigger numbers of little invisibilities and therefore several people can work on that together.

I found on me one invisibility with 27 hours. But this one is in one piece and I have to dissolve it alone. The most invisibilities are in one piece and can not be deleted as a team.


If it's about acute pain, I have often called for teamwork. Emotions of any kind can always be deleted together. If I therefore by someone with acute pain find out, that the pain package needs two hours to delete, I question, if people with healing power (2.5) are available, who are not healing emotions at that moment. Then it happens mostly, that ten people are there and the pain is, as a result, in twelve minutes deleted, instead of 120 minutes.


Large souls in small bodies

I have broached this issue several times. There are animals, mostly dogs, cats or horses, which have the soul of a upright lion or even a guardian soul. Those souls belong normally in human bodies. What are they doing in animals?

I believe, I have now found the cause. In case of humans, in the soul is an active-module for the higher self. With that, the higher self is able to take effect through the soul. When the soul incarnates the module “Path of expression for the higher self” is created in the neck chakra, like a kind of a copy of the active-module of the soul.

Animals don't have this active-module. They indeed usually belong to a group soul and don't have their own higher self. In the case of lion and guardian souls, which incarnated as an animal, the active-module is missing in the soul as well. As a result they don't even have the expression module for the higher self in the neck chakra, like all other animals. It is not possible to incarnate as human without that active-module. I didn't know that until now.

They incarnate as a pet, with the silent hope, that their problem will be recognized and their system will be repaired. That is in particular not difficult. Everyone, who can handle a little with energies, is able to establish a connection to the over-soul of the animal and request that module. The junction to the over-soul is missing in those particular souls and it can be established again by a human.

Responsible for this soul dismemberment are beings of the race G (out of universe G). These beings are also the initiators of the invasion of evil in many universes.


January 25, 2015

Body containers in detail

In my lists about body containers and body channels I had, for example, only two body containers for all muscles specified. One for left and one for right. That is yet correct, but every little or big muscle has its own little body container and body channel. That is so important, because in that way the energy supply of single muscles can be disturbed. As well muscles can stick to one another, while telekinetic adherences were mounted on body containers. In extreme cases, can in fact make one container out of two (as mentioned above), whereby then originates an abnormality.

The same detail principal exists for the bones, the skin and the hair.

The hair is split in two (left & right) 1000er groups. Those groups are sometimes located next to each other and sometimes not. That means, there are single hairs, which are not nearby their group.

In the first chakra is a storage area for each group existent. If we are searching the cause for hair problems, can those be found in the 2000 storage areas in the chakra, in the 2000 body channels or in the 2000 body containers.

For gray hair I get three possible causes: blocked channels, false programs or beings in the storage areas.

For hair loss: Legacy body codes in the body containers or programs in the storage areas.

To the skin:

Most skin belongs to the second chakra. Only the scalp and the skin of the eyebrows belong to the solar-plexus. I have that wrong in the lists. So, the facial skin belongs to the second chakra and not to the solar-plexus, like I described there. (The lists need corrections. Unfortunately I find little time.)

The skin of the body is split in two 100er areas. But those areas are always in one piece. The facial skin is again split in two 100er areas. The eyelids are two extra areas.
The scalp is split in two 1000er areas. Dandruff, for example, has only one cause: blocked channels.

Another detail about the muscles: The most muscles (2 x 84, according to questioning) belong to the second chakra. Two times six belong to the solar-plexus. They are located in the foot, because the solar-plexus has a subchakra there. Two times ten muscles belong to the neck chakra for the shoulder and neck area.

Bones, conjunctive tissue and ligaments

belong all to the first chakra. There I can find connections to 120 bones and to 300 ligaments and tissues.


January 27, 2015

Body containers – malfunction and symptoms

Like I already mentioned, the body containers have also subtle functions. I have found some functions, which surprised me with their importance. I recognize, that here are large subject areas still to research. Some results I can already present:


Surprise for me: The scalp is a receiver for data of the higher self. (But the sender is not the higher self, but the over-soul, which gets their data out of the higher self.) The received data flows directly into the third chakra and builds there the programs for the module “Intention/Path”.

Problems with the scalp, like dandruff for example, point to, that this function is disturbed, because body channels are blocked. The module “Intention/Path” doesn't get data. The person loses force and motivation.

Data is here not the right word, because there is nothing for our brain understandable thereby. Delivered is a “energy form” with information, but probably more on emotional level. The solar-plexus can deal with this. The brain not.

Acoustic center (and tinnitus)

The acoustic center is a multifunctional device and the tinnitus doesn't really relate to the second hearing. There are in fact quadrillions of noise sources, but those are mainly for distraction.

Functions of the acoustic centers (meant are the body/data containers of acoustic centers):

  1. Second hearing: Communication with over-souls. Left receiving, right sending.
  2. Authority: Left – Recognizing of real authority in others. Right – emitting of the own authority.
  3. Connected with module “Expression of the higher self”: Left – recognizing the expression of the HS in others. Right – Emitting of the own expression of the HS.
  4. Communication with astral body of sun, earth and moon. (Info is forwarded through chakra connections to the first chakra.)

Only with point 1 real data is getting exchanged. In case of the other three functions the data is embedded in energies – quite hard to explain.

Every acoustic center (left & right) has a data connection to the neck chakra. This connection is blocked and littered with aggregates. And this happens because of point 2 and 3.

Point 1, the second hearing doesn't need this connection. Second hearing is connected with the sixth chakra. The blockage of the data channel to the neck chakra, causes no tinnitus. It's the manipulations in the acoustic center and in the neck chakra, which the functions under point 2 and 3 should sabotage. The noise is a side effect. And, like I already said, noise sources are for distraction additionally placed.

Noise sources can be found in:

  1. Acoustic center
  2. Balance system (telepathy center)
  3. Recognition section for future (brain part in the back of the head)
  4. Recognition section for past (brain part in the back of the head)
  5. Forehead chakra
  6. Neck chakra
  7. Root chakra
  8. Connections to the acoustic center

As noise sources I have found so far programs, implants and objects.

The function 4, that I don't fully understand, is sabotaged too. Manipulations in the first chakra also lead to noise and sound effects. Obviously creates a lot that isn't consistent and in connection with the acoustic center, a noise.

Scars and warts

In places where scars remain, is the disrupting energy not eliminated. I am still at it, this issue to study and have not yet proof, if I can make all scars and other messy remains of attacks, injuries etc. vanish again. But on all those places I have yet found negative energies. Usually magic, programs and/or objects, hidden behind unbelievable amounts of invisibility. Because of that invisibility I couldn't find the remaining harmful energies as yet.

In case of warts and other strange spots on the body it was similar. There as well I found big invisibility barriers. And then too magic, programs and objects, but in addition huge supply systems.  At my wart on the big toe I found a lot of energy against my well being and those energies were secured with enormous supply.


January 29, 2015

Acne, ringworm and more


We find in our home now daily vomit from our cat Mopsi. Karin pushed me to take once a closer look. As cause I found something “from outside”. In that way I found a whole series of installations on a planet in another galaxy. Those installations provoked for one physical illnesses and for another energetic blockades.

“By chance” a friend ask me after the cause of her acne and ringworm problems, and through that I found facilities, which provoke diseases. The facilities work only against humans with complete souls, so no group souls. Therefore are evil souls by default not affected.

There were seven installations for bodily problems:

  1. Acne (especially for humans with dragon souls and a few others)
  2. Ringworm
  3. Parasite in the blood (unknown to me)
  4. Special kind of cancer

Then there were seven installations, exclusively against women. It was always about restricting modules/abilities. There were facilities against one module, which achieved a strong impact. Facilities against two modules, that were thereby somewhat less effective and one facility against many modules, that worked the least. But this one effected my cat still enough.

  1. Digestion, self healing, regeneration, own space, destroy, authority and expression of the HS
  2. Expression of the higher self
  3. Own space
  4. Digestion (food) + healing (5. chakra)
  5. Self healing + success
  6. Open ways + authority
  7. Boundary + persuasiveness

Hours later I came through further “coincidences” to realize, that the same 14 facilities exist yet again in “invisible”. And invisible and shielded they existed once again, too.

Then I remembered, that I found once facilities in 25 universes, that were also pointed against modules. However against women and men. I checked back, if those are also existed in invisible and shielded. Strike! Once again 25 + 25 facilities. That means obviously, that my deleting then only eliminated one third of the problem.