Cleaning Works

Part 22

DNA and Body Codes

Franz Earl 22

October 8, 2013


I "accidentally" found an article about DNA by Mike Adams:

“The big lie of genetics debunked: The human DNA is unable to store the entire blueprint of the human.”

This article gave me an opportunity to examine the issue more closely. This revealed that Mike Adams is right. But first a little preliminary investigation. While it is not so important, I have also researched this material, and have written down my own findings. Scientists say that we humans have about 20,000 genes. It seems to agree with my own findings, because I have received the following data for the number of genes of my soul:


Europeans and Africans 19.666
Chinese 19.667
Japanese 19.675
African natives 19.678
Red Indians 19.660
Aborigines 19.655
Mayas, Incas, Aztecs 19.666
Australian natives 19.663
Horse 19.673
Dog, cat 19.666
Ant 19.675


What does this tell us? Not much, except that there are small, insignificant differences. The number is probably not as important as the information in the genes.

The Body Codes

So now to the important stuff. The DNA is simply not capable of containing a complete blueprint for the human body. So I went looking for where the rest of the information is stored. And of course I found it in the soul, as well as there is a complete copy of the entire DNA stored in the soul. (Another detail: the entire DNA is also stored in the lower chakras, namely 9% in the 1st chakra and 91% in the 2nd chakra.)

The blueprint of the entire human is stored in the soul; a small but important part in the DNA, and a large, more important part in the form of the body codes (my terminology.) The body codes are not physical and they are to be found exclusively in the soul, and therefore not in the chakras. The codes come in various lengths. An average number might be 1350 information (bits).

Here it comes:

Men have 2.2 billion (2.2 G) codes. Women have 6 billion codes. You can clearly see who is more important, right?

The soul does not save the codes after death, only the DNA. The DNA is very carefully taken on and modified from life to life. I believe that the DNA retains body characteristics that are important for specific skills. An essence, so to speak. Alterations in the DNA can only be performed by means of a procedure that provides triple security.

The codes, however, can be relatively easily changed. The codes are obtained at birth from one's parents directly from their souls. A person obtains no DNA from their parents!! At least not directly. The person brings their own DNA with them but the codes have a certain influence on some of the genes of the DNA. Perhaps one may thus prove a paternity (if that is of any importance). The important point which was new for me, too: One does not inherit the DNA, but the codes.

Since I discovered the codes, our souls have become rebellious here. In Karin, myself, and the cats. The souls want to change their codes. Yes, the souls themselves are not satisfied with their heritage. They want a more beautiful and healthier body. Our dissatisfaction with our bodies comes largely from our soul, so it is not selfishness.

On a specific topic I was looking for the number of codes to be changed. The amounts can be 1500, 25,000, and 100,000. Through my tinnitus, I realized that my soul wants to change some codes. First it was 13 and afterwards it went to 2.5 million. This only as examples. But it is not necessary to know the number of codes. You can also just wish, "I would like a code change for a prettier nose." But soul contact is of course necessary.

One can also raise an issue. For example, I want 100% eyesight again. To this purpose, 2200 Codes were changed. And the soul has fun in the process. For so many lives it had no chance to change the body. Now it's finally possible to alter codes and DNA as desired, as long as the soul participates. Extremely selfish desires will however not be fulfilled.

The changes of the body codes should come into reality relatively quickly. The reason is that the codes work directly from the soul to the body, and so do not have to run through the chakras. The changes begin almost at the moment of the code changes but of course need some time for the body to effect the change.

The body codes are important, but again are not a panacea. Sometimes DNA changes will also be necessary, especially when DNA manipulations by aliens have occurred. Then there are also false soul programs from past lives and endless problems throughout the entire energy system, as described in the previous article (Cleaning Works 21).

I have only just discovered the codes today. The soul wanted to make changes immediately - this has convinced me the codes are real. But for the time being, I will have to remain in suspense for the results.