Cleaning Works

Part 20

The manipulated Solar System

Franz Earl

22 September 2013

Actually I have wanted to write something for days about the relations between symptoms and causes. But it is precisely through this search for causes that I finally came to the realization that some causes are located in our solar system.

It started with an abscess on Karin's scalp. We had already found a number of causes, namely beliefs from four past lives, but there was still another cause. This had to do with some changes in the root chakra. And what was the problem with the root chakra? The problem was in the Earth, and it eventually turned out to be damping aggregates located between the soul and the oversoul of the earth.

With the help of the betas I was able to remove the aggregates, but now I wanted to test everything that has to do with the energy system of the Earth. The Earth has no chakras of its own, so I had to look at the Sun also. And there were an incredible number of manipulations which came to light.

First, the graph:

Graphics: manipulation of our solar system


  • Aggregates between soul and oversoul

  • Aggregates between soul and soul of the Central Sun

  • Manipulation of the astral body - base element and the 3rd, 4th and 5th Elements.

  • Aggregates (a lot) on the channel between the sun’s root chakra and the physical body of the Earth.

  • The individual connections are inviolable in principle. So magic doesn’t work there. But aggregates can significantly slow down the energy flow. So the soul of the Earth was undersupplied energetically, as well as the physical body of the Earth.


  • Aggregates between soul and oversoul

  • Aggregates between soul and soul of the Central Sun

  • Manipulation of the astral body - base element and element 6.

  • Aggregates in the channel between the root chakra of the sun and the physical body of the sun.


  • Manipulation of the astral body – 4th and 5th element.

  • Aggregates on the channel between the root chakra of the sun and the physical body of the moon.

Other Planets:

As I have shown, the Earth soul has no direct contact with its astral and physical bodies. But it ought to have contact with all animate beings on Earth. That must have been difficult since she was so isolated. Another point is that other planets have no souls because they have no living beings. So the planets and moons have an energy system like our moon. A quick check showed me that all the channels to the physical bodies of the planets have aggregates, but that the astral bodies have not been manipulated. I will be dealing with these aggregates when I have time. With Earth, Sun and Moon I'm done.

I was too tired to finish this article yesterday. That was good, because, as it happened, there was still an unresolved problem. Although I needed sleep badly, I still continued to seek the cause of Karin’s symptoms. The search led me from Karin’s astral body to the astral body of the Earth. But here I ran into a dead end. The Earth’s astral body was missing.

The answer to the puzzle was unbelievable but true – it had been kidnapped! It had been taken to another solar system. A magician sat there and held it captive. The retrieval was standard procedure. Have magicians eliminated and astral body brought back. You don’t need to have it built in because there are never any connections missing since they are untouchable.

Note: I know I'm always cleaning things here, while other people would also like to help. But what shall I do? I cannot yet deny the tasks involved here. I can neither give up, nor can I train someone. It would all just slow down enormously. It was never my conscious intention to do so much by myself. But now there is no other way. So I just keep going.

Addendum September 22 Evening

(The above part I have written today by 1am. So for me it is now a new day, but the same date.)

Aggregates are still in the astral body of the earth. Up until now, I was unaware of this, but then, I had never looked into the astral body until now. For those who want to clear away the aggregates: It is not enough just to ask the Betas to do it. One must assist them energetically. Only then the Betas can make a great sweeping blow and remove the aggregates. Yes, too bad!

Next, I checked with the other planets of our solar system. Here are the results:

Planet Aggregates Manipulations
Mercury - -
Venus Yes Base element
Mars Yes -
Moon - -
Jupiter Yes Base element
Moons 8 x Yes -
Saturn Yes Base, 4th, 5th, 6th Elements
Moons 7 x Yes -
Uranus Yes Base element
Neptune Yes Base element
Moons 5 x Yes -
Asteroid Belt Yes -

Thus, all errors are eliminated. Although Mars has two moons, only one moon has a channel to the sun. This supports the notion of some scientists that it is an artificial moon.

The asteroid belt has an astral body and a channel.

Now at first blush, everything looked as if our solar system was working again (whatever that means), but it was evident that all was not well. Again by painful symptoms, I found that the soul of the Earth was not ok. What could be the problem? The soul body did not work. Repairs took 20 minutes. Then I checked the Sun’s soul body. That was really broken. It took about an hour to fix it.

I found that the soul of our Sun was unable to function properly. The sun was shining, but other aspects were not working. The chakras of the Sun are supposed to provide us with energy.

How the sun provides us with energy


The first, second and third human chakras are for sure supplied by the Central Sun, but I think the contribution of our Sun is also important. If the soul does not work, then the chakras will be almost at a standstill. I think as it goes with the Sun, so it goes with us humans. It seems to me that must be what we have been missing the whole time.