Cleaning Works

Part 19b

Energy Connections to the physical Body

Franz Earl

17 September 2013

Here is a corrected version with newly detected connections. First the list:

1st Chakra – Root Chakra
1.1 Body area around the chakra, including genitals situated in this area
1.2 Fingers
1.3 Toes
1.4 Hair of the head (also dandruff)
1.5 Nose
1.6 Bones
1.7 Teeth
1.8 Nails
1.9 Brain area of smelling
1.10 Physical body of Earth. Direct influence of matter possible.


2nd Chakra – Body Chakra (is what I want to call it)
2.1 Body area around the chakra, ovaries, small colon
2.2 Blood vessels, blood
2.3 Shoulders
2.4 Hands
2.5 Feet
2.6 Tongue
2.7 Physical body of plants, animals and humans in the surroundings


3rd Chakra – Solar Plexus Chakra
3.1 Body area around the chakra
3.2 Elbows (do not mix up with elbow chakra)
3.3 Ankles
3.4 Face including scalp (except eyes and temples)
3.5 Brain area of hearing
3.6 Connection to matter. Can give energy into matter. Can also be used for magic.*

*    Energy only flows to the outside (the SP can receive through the body areas)

4th Chakra – Heart Chakra
4.1 Body area around the chakra
4.2 Upper arms
4.3 Thighs
4.4 Eyes and temples
4.5 Brain area of sight
4.6 Lips
4.7 Connection to other hearts/souls of all beings


5th Chakra – Throat Chakra
5.1 Body area around the chakra
5.2 Lower- and upper jaw
5.3 Lower arms
5.4 Lower legs and knees
5.5 Connections to all etheric bodies**

**     Things that are spoken, thought and done can be enhanced via the throat chakra channel and affect the etheric bodies (chakras and connections) of oneself and others. This may be used for healing as well as for black magic. Here, too, energy flows only outwards.

6th Chakra – Forehead Chakra ***
6.1 Brain, conscious part
6.2 Neural system

***    The brain doesn’t have a direct connection to the outside. All perceptions belong to other chakras which have a point of presence in the head. So clairvoyance belongs to the heart chakra. Claircognizance works through the crown chakra and the Higher Self.

Thymus Chakra
7.1 Thymus gland
7.2 Neural system


Occiput Chakra
8.1 Brain- frontal lobe (This connection cannot be disturbed except the brain is smashed)

The functioning of the above listed connections is extremely important. Malfunctions can cause large damage of the body and in all areas of life. The various body regions have energetic/material functions with the environment. As I described before, the toes (if the connection works) provide a good material exchange with other people. The function of the nose which belongs to the root chakra is in finding the material things which you need or seek.

The two most dangerous malfunctions are probably a constantly open-to the-outside body chakra and heart chakra. At present nobody is able to cope with the incoming flood of problems. The energy system protects itself by pushing on negative energies. The heart chakra can use the thighs for that, the body chakra the belly. In order to protect sensitive regions the connections leading there are cut off. Although this stops negative energies from getting there the region also doesn’t receive the energy it would need for functioning properly. That way the heart chakra is able to close the connection to the eyes and the visual centre which sadly leads to bad eye sight. And/or it diminishes the connection to the lungs which then causes breathing problems.

So far I know the following malfunctions:

  1. Connection constantly open (100%)
  2. Connection constantly closed (0%)
  3. Connection reacts in a wrong way to certain conditions. Meaning, it opens or closes because of certain events and the soul isn’t able to act.

Obviously these connections are protected because I have never found magic or other manipulations in them. The causes are our own (bad) decisions from this or former lives. Why is there still karma within us at all? It’s quite simple. When you heal karma in most cases you heal other soul parts of yourself. The problems of these body connections however have been in our energy system for a long time. And the healing of the chakras doesn’t cover the connections as well.

When I find a faulty connection I ask first whether the connection itself is the cause.

If it is “yes”, it means that I opened or closed this connection because of a former decision. And now finally something simple and positive comes. It is enough to say, “I revoke the former decision and I want the connection to work properly again!” So you save yourself the exact search for the cause. You may also think of various phrasings.

If it is “no”, it means that something else in the energy system is the cause for this error. In most cases it is another connection which is constantly open, or a faulty program in the chakra. The latter can also be healed as described before. Sometimes it says the problem is in the physical body. This might be an implant.

The connection between the front chakra and the brain can be seen as being awake and highly alert at 100%, and at 0% I am unconscious or asleep. There can be malfunctions here, too, like being overly alert or being half asleep in order not to hear certain topics.

I can recommend to everyone who is capable to check the connections by pendulum, kinesiology or questioning of all kinds. For correction it is sufficient to speak the intentions like I mentioned above. The soul is waiting for those re-decisions and if there is freedom of action it will act.