Cleaning Works

Part 19a

Energy Connection to the physical Body

Franz Earl

16 September 2013

Today more was revealed about those connections. These connections are not to be equalled with the connections between the chakras or to the other energy bodies because it was important for the other connections to be 100% open and functioning.

The connections to the physical body and especially those to the outside world should in no case be 100% open. The soul (not oversoul) has the task of controlling the single connections according to what there is to do. After all, the oversoul provides the basic energies for the power chakras and the soul chakras, and the soul controls the detailed distribution by opening the various connections more or less.

Problems arise when a connection is locked in place. It then is either fully open (100%) or completely closed (0%). However, the soul has to be able to regulate each connection to every degree between 0% and 100%. I was lead to this by the following investigation:

Karin’s breathing still hadn’t improved. So there had to be another cause. The connection between nose and root chakra was at 0%, ergo completely closed. No wonder the problem wasn’t solved yet. The connection couldn’t be opened though. What was the cause?

Is the cause in the outside? – No.
Is the cause in the etheric body? – No
Is the cause in the physical body? – No
Is the cause in a connection to the physical body? – Yes

It was the connection to the toes. It was 100% open. Always open. And that is why the soul didn’t want to open the connections to the nose (and to the hair). Both stayed at 0%. So, one can assume that so much negative energy comes in through the toes that the soul didn’t want to pass on those energies to other body parts.

Now I had to find out why this connection could not be closed. There was another connection which could not be closed: the one from the second chakra to the physical body of other people. It was 100% open, too. This is a dangerous situation because if you are not filled to the rim with healing energy, you invite the physical problems of other people into your body (which actually happened).

And what was the topic with the toes? I searched for a long time and in the end I found out that the toes have to do with the material needs of the other people. I assume that via the toes an exchange of material things becomes possible. But the way it was with Karin, all flowed out from her to the others.

How did Karin come to have these problems? It came from her Nefilim time. Back then she was able to provide for an entire people materially and keep them in good health with her powers. It was an oath always to be there for the people. The Nefilim were so highly superior to the humans, and they were good to the core. That is why this happened.

A lot of energy flowed while dissolving the oath. Shortly after I could test that the two “always open” connections were set to 40%. Then the connection to the nose went to 95%. Later the connection to the hair followed. The connection between second chakra and shoulder area was also on zero. I think this was the reason for her constantly tense shoulder-neck-area. The connection has now opened up as well. So far there was no improvement.

It is astonishing that karmic topics would show up within these connections. I found them in me, Karin, and also other people. These connections were apparently not affected during the erasing of the karma.
My 0% in the connection of the root chakra to the surrounding area was the result of religious waivers. The 0% between the second chakra and the body came from scorning the body for enlightenment. My 0% to the physical left elbow was a result of me almost giving up having my physical space, a place which I really like.

I have to add here that all chakras have a connection to the rest of the world. Only the connections of the two lower chakras however affect the material plane. That is why the outside-world-connections of the upper chakras 3-5 don’t fit to the subject “connections to the body”. For example there are connections from throat chakra to throat chakra when they are open.

Karin’s throat chakra connection was ok, it was not locked. Yet there was an anomaly. As soon as somebody came to us the connection opened automatically in a way that Karin was forced to act whereas I was hanging around lazily. This has been cause for trouble quite a few times. The cause was not the Nefilim life. It was a later wow to care about the problems of everyone. Each person arriving automatically upset Karin.

While writing this I’m getting heart problems. I found the problem in the connection to the left upper arm. It is an old attitude of mine that everyone who seeks help from me or approaches me in a friendly way has to be positive and cannot possibly have bad intentions. Obviously the connection opens automatically if someone says they need help. It was an old promise to be open to everyone who seeks help.

A few more notes:

Although the second chakra has a few special connections to the aforementioned areas it is in general responsible for many physical conditions. “Beauty”, for example, reaches into all body areas. How exactly this works I don’t know yet. The blood flow has a part in it.

The wrists including the lower arms belong to the throat chakra.

The whole ear (organ) belongs to the solar plexus chakra.

Speaking of ears, the subject of tinnitus comes to mind here (yawn). Does that have anything to do with the connections to the solar plexus? “Yes!” But what? Guilt is the connection SP to the right ankle. It is open 100%. So probably too much garbage comes in through the ankle. The SP then shuts the other connections down in order not to push the garbage there. I can understand that. But what do the ankles do?

This was a difficult search. It turned out that the well-functioning ankles find contact to the ankles of other people who have the same goals and purposes as I do. Thus all get forward easily (like dancing). A strengthening of intention follows, a symbiosis that helps everybody. On my left ankle there was an old contract to support certain people fully although they rather pulled me down.

(Corruption is a similar topic: Because of money one gives their will to those who pay.)

Ok, my connection has gone down to 50% in the end through the dissolving of the contract. I think this level is alright.

Karin reminded me that her ankles always feel inflated or like with iron chains around them. The connections on both sides were on zero. This had still to do with the 100.000 captured Anunnaki. In order not to lose the connection to them she was like chained up, incapable of getting forward with her own intentions.

Obviously an official declaration of being free to follow her intentions was needed. Now the connections are in use again.