Cleaning Works

Part 19

Energy Connections to the physical Body

Franz Earl

15 September 2013

Karin has been having tensions in the neck and shoulders. All those years I got nowhere despite my gathered knowledge; if anything, the problem got worse. Not that the tensions are solved now but the investigation has opened up completely new areas.

For any symptom I use now the following questioning routine (and note the results for the existing problem at once):

Does the problem come from the outside? – No.
Does the problem come from the soul-, mental- or astral body? – No.
Does the problem come from the etheric body? – No (I would have expected it here)
Does the problem come from the physical body? – No (now at the latest I would have expected “yes”)

What else is there left? I asked, “Does the problem come from connections between the etheric and the physical body?” That was the “yes”. And this “yes” started the investigation about the connections between those two bodies. There are a lot. And some contradict what is taught in general and which I myself found reasonable. The connections only regard the main chakras. The side chakras don’t have a connection to the body.

Here is a list of the affinities:

1st chakra
1.1 Body zone around the chakra, including the genitals situated in this area
1.2 Fingers
1.3 Toes
1.4 Hair of head (also dandruff)
1.5 Nose
1.6 Bones
1.7 Teeth
1.8 Nails
1.9 Physical body of Earth

These connections can be wholly or partially blocked. Those blockages can of course create symptoms in the respective area.

It is really interesting that we have a direct connection to the physical body of Earth as if it were our own body. Now we can change Earth just like we do it with our own bodies (ha ha). This is bound to be blocked nearly always.

Now all the other chakras:

2nd chakra
2.1 Body area around the chakra, ovaries, small bowel
2.2 Blood vessels, blood
2.3 Shoulders (joints and clavicle area)
2.4 Hands
2.5 Feet
2.6 Tongue
2.7 Physical body of plants, animals and humans in the surroundings

Connections to the physical body of plants make it possible to optimise the growth and harvest of plants. It is possibly often blocked in order to protect us from the energies in our surroundings.

3rd chakra
3.1 Body area around the chakra (many organs)
3.2 Elbows (don’t mistake for elbow chakra)
3.3 Ankles
3.4 Face, incl. scalp (except eyes and temples)


4th chakra
4.1 Body area around the chakra
4.2 Upper arms
4.3 Thighs
4.4 Eyes and temples


5th chakra
5.1 Body area around the chakra (also beard)
5.2 Jaws
5.3 Lower arms
5.4 Lower legs and knees


6th chakra
6.1 Brain
6.2 Neural system

As to why these connections are made like this - there is still a lot to be researched. I have understood a few things though, for example:

Connection heart chakra to eyes: one might be able to heal others with one’s eyes via this connection. Since we are simply overloaded by the multiple negative energies in our environment we reduce this channel. This however has its effect in bad sight, too.

This principle is found in most blocked connections. The chakra closes down because of overload. In consequence, the body area suffers. But this is better than the chakras being overloaded with negative energy which may have dire consequences.

This phenomenon seems especially strong in people who are/were in connections with imprisoned souls. The soul of these people was partly outside, with the prisoners. The power of the soul was too weak to resist the negative energies of the environment. Drawing back is the consequence. So far I haven’t found artificial influences with these blockages.

Connection heart chakra to thighs: I always feel this connection when I establish contact with another soul. The thighs react first. Maybe in others it’s the upper arms. I think both areas function as antennas.


Connection root chakra to nose: the relation is difficult to understand. I still don’t understand it but we had an incident with it. When Karin returns home she can breathe through the nose worse than when we’re away. It was (is still) so bad that she bought a plastic piece which she puts in the nose at night.

The investigation led us to the root chakra. The problem is supposed to originate from there. Close to us we first found people who died in captivity or slavery. The captivity of those people has an effect on Karin’s breathing. Breathing = freedom.

The relation between root chakra and nose was confirmed energetically, too. So it is not only founded in the above experience.

I found in me, among other things, that the connections to the body area of the first and second chakra were blocked. I still had karmic energies from my life as a saint which I thought dissolved long ago. Apparently, it was pretty intense back then.

When all attached groups and chakra connections are removed, all prisoners are freed and additional souls are detached, finally the chakra connections are re-established, you can begin to take possession of your body again. To additionally influence the flora and matter of Earth will obviously be one more piece of work. We have pulled back from that because surely there must have been loads of attacks.