Cleaning Works

Part 18

How to heal Earth

Franz Earl

August 26, 2013

A planet on which there are living beings doesn’t offer the conditions they need for living by chance. I am assuming a system here like it should be; a system which has not been conquered and enslaved by evil races. Such a planet establishes a symbiosis with its inhabitants.

Graphic: Energy bodies of Earth

I believe the planets themselves don’t have needs. Some are rocks, others giants of gas and others only ice clusters. And it seems they are content with that for billions of years. However, if living beings shall be on a planet, said planet forms itself according to the needs of the beings. In general the whole solar system forms itself after the beings’ needs because the eradiating energy of the sun, the planets’ distance to the sun and many more are important factors in order to establish necessary environmental conditions. All those factors are no coincidence but adapt to the beings’ needs. The beings themselves also are created only together with the system.

Now to the subject. Let us assume we get rid of all bad guys. Now Earth wants to deliver all we need but we would soon realise it is not working. Then some who feel a calling will perform Earth healing and behold, nothing happens, either. But do not despair yet, ask Franzi instead.

The problem is in us, not within Earth. This is mainly about three chakras: the root chakra and the two foot chakras. If these are ok Earth can notice our requirements and deliver what we need. The system works like this:

The root chakra contains the list of our requirements, our wish list or shopping list. The right foot chakra receives the goods in energetic form which can however be transformed into reality. If these three chakras are working Earth changes in a way we need and love her. And it’s mostly these very chakras that do not work.

In the big mass of the unconscious people (who have no idea of their energy system) too little energy flows in the lower chakras. Besides, the programs they have in their lower chakras would not contribute to changes. Cleaning would be in order first.

And we who have healed and cleaned our root chakra, put everything out which might be in the way of wealth and abundance don’t get anything done, either. Why? Because our foot chakras are mega-blocked. Earth doesn’t receive our shopping list and/or cannot deliver because the receiver is not receiving.

What are those blockages? Attached groups, what else? And a great many at that. 10, 20 or 30 thousand there may be, per foot. And there is a trick to it as well. If I ask for groups I naturally start small; e.g. I ask if there are 100 groups, and in case of the foot chakras it says no. If however I start asking for 5000 groups it says yes, and then I can go on asking until for example 30.000.

So yesterday I had 20.000 on my right and 10.000 on my left removed, in Karin it was 30 and 30 thousand. While writing this article I checked my foot chakras again. And now comes the whopper: again 30 and 25 thousand, in Karin 30 and 50 thousand. A second wave of blockages has followed. Whether there will be more waves I will probably know tomorrow. Whichever way this ends I will have to write an addendum.

One more detail: In my right hand chakra I also found 30.000 groups. I have to find out yet how this is going to affect me. And now I find 50.000 again on this chakra.

If I want to have a beautiful house and a cool car it’s up for the root chakra to provide these. If I want sufficient food this is done by the second chakra but how all this works I haven’t found out yet.

Chakras change slowly. They integrate or accumulate energies. If I have stored ten years of poverty this is a large pile of poverty. If I can erase all that and come along with wealth the chakra still changes slowly. I think this is ok like this.

Just found out: there is a third wave. 50 and 25 thousand in me, in Karin 100 and 50 thousand. And there I thought the side chakras weren’t that important.

August 29. 2013

Groups – Energies – Symptoms

When you have removed all the groups belonging to a certain problem the symptoms don’t disappear yet because the energies of these symptoms are not erased yet. Example:

We removed huge amounts of attached groups for headache. Then we are astonished that the head hurts again the next day. This has to be so because we haven’t removed the actual headache energies. The causes are gone, the problem remains.

I wrote once that after removing the groups the first five days nothing was going to happen. I suppose the energies vanish slowly by themselves but we can probably accelerate the process by healing the harmful energies (bulldozing a la Franzi). I only started today and am still awaiting the results. After all, I solved mega-monster-group-blockages in Karin and myself and there is still more to bulldoze.

Mega Blockages

Now I need new definitions.

  • Group = a small group of beings. Mostly 7 or 21 (70 have also occurred but rarely)
  • Block = a number of groups that have been bundled up to a package by aliens
  • Series = a number of blocks that make a closed unit.

This way I am able to describe it better. For example, I found a block of 20.000 groups (= 20k) on my right foot. The next day two more blocks of 30k and 50k turned up, then it was over. So this was a series of 3 blocks. I could have found them on the first day if I hadn’t been so impressed by the first 20k.

One day later a huge pain shot through my right foot when I made a step. I looked and found another series of 12 blocks, all between 25k and 10k. I immediately checked feet and hands and on my right hand chakra I also found a series of 12.

So in the right foot there was a series of 3 and one of 12 blocks. This is important to differentiate and to find out separately. It is also important to find out how big the blocks are. If the number isn’t correct the healing doesn’t start. More about that in an instant.

The biggest series so far had 24 blocks. Karin had that, and each block had 25k or 50k. Cat Miko also had a series of 24 blocks with the topic “open skin spots” but those blocks only had 500 or 1500 groups. It is possible that Miko owes having so many blocks to us. He is certainly not so dangerous as to need so many blocks. At the moment I’m working on getting the energy of “open skin spots” out of him. There is really a lot.

I don’t think that such big series turn up in most people.

Work Speed and Work Method

When I found those attached groups the helpers worked up to one hour to get one group out. In time it went faster until I found out I was able to remove a group just by getting the energy flow going with one hand movement which removed one group in one second. For 1000 groups this took 16 minutes if you didn’t pause. Now finally it is possible that the Wowos can do the work. They manage 10.000 groups in about one minute.

The Wowos are out of time and space, so why one minute? I think in the end it all runs through my channel. The Wowos just add the necessary amount of energy. I believe it’s because of this that the number of groups in a block has to be correct. If I find 25k but there are really 26k or 24k the healing doesn’t start. The Wowos shake their heads at this.


This is why I check 10 seconds after the start whether the total number is still there. If it says “yes” the healing hasn’t started yet. An example:

I find a block of 25.000 groups. I ask the Wowos to begin with the detaching. In most cases there is an answering reaction. But after 10 seconds I ask whether the 25.000 groups are still there. If it says “yes”, something is wrong and I have to find the exact number.

If it says “no”, the detachment procedure has begun. Sometimes I check in between – “are there still 20.000 groups?”  15k still, 10k etc. Thus I can see how far the work has proceeded. Sometimes I only ask if the block is finished.

General Solution needed

By the way, those attachments are no new invention. They have been there for thousands of years and they can be passed on by karma which means you may have inherited them from past lives. Obviously they haven’t been known until now.

The workload needed to free people from them is huge. I am not keen on finding out all the various topics in every single one. It cannot work this way. And the single person doesn’t get far by themselves since they have to keep their heart chakra as clean as to be able to contact the Wowos.

So I am counting on a solution to present itself. Until then, see how far you get.