Article 8

The Secret Modules

October 2nd, 2014

Franz Earl

The knowledge about our chakras and modules has been uncovered to me just this year and I have never before found anything of the kind. However, I had to realize that the chakra modules were known very well in black magical circles.

I have more than 20 pages of lists of magic and programs against the single modules or against Karin’s, my friends’ or my energy supply, all of course beneath large shields. And this magic was partly decades old. So the modules were well known to the dark side. Only we “spiritual” people are being spoon-fed with spinning chakras full of light whose function no one understood.

Now there are modules which have not been known so far, not even in the black magical circles. After 12.000 years, this knowledge is set free for the first time.

It is about modules in the second chakra. It is interesting that the new modules were simply called by different, seemingly useful names so that you don’t get the idea something is wrong.

Here is a list:


old new


2.1 Beauty Beauty
2.2 Energy - -> Body Shape
2.3 Looks - - > Immortality
2.4 Food Food
2.5 Procreation - - > Miracle Healing 1
2.6 Regeneration Regeneration
2.7 Self Healing Self Healing
2.8 Dying - - > Miracle Healing 2

The energy supply of the two miracle healing modules comes from the untouchable supply line 1 from the 5th subchakra. It is the energy of the Central Sun’s oversoul which makes these modules hereby untouchable.

The powers of these two modules surpass by far the powers of our healing channel or miracle channel (which is in fact only an enforced healing channel).

Not all people have those channels; only those with one of the following soul parts:

Creator souls, superior souls, Dragons, Lions, Mantis, Anunnaki and Wowos. Maybe I overlooked someone?

Unless the respective soul parts are in the body, nothing will work.
However, I do know who doesn’t have those modules:

Whales, Dolphins, Sirians, Pleiadians, Betas and the 17 negative races.

Among all soul races there are persons who have earned themselves those modules. In those cases a creator soul or a superior soul is needed in order to copy the modules.

The Modules

I haven’t spent much time investigating the modules body shape and immortality. So far I only know that immortality has much to do with protection.

The Module 2.8 – Miracle Healing 2

The module 2.8 is only relevant for physical healing. If it is fully activated spontaneous healing may be possible. It is telekinetic powers which are used here. In order for the physical healing to work the energetic conditions must be right. And this is what 2.5 is in charge of.

Module 2.5 – Miracle Healing 1

The separate levels of this module are remarkable. First of all, the module has to be brought up to 100%. You don’t have to do this on your own but helpers (of your own race) do that. However, this isn’t done automatically for everyone with such a module. The conditions are:

  1. Positive intentions
  2. Conscious knowledge about this module.

This point 2 is the reason why this knowledge had to be published.
Of all modules in this chakra, this has priority. As soon as it is satisfyingly activated the helpers go on working on the other modules.

The Levels of Module 2.5:

When the module is on 100% the intensity levels get interesting. Here are the lists:
The first 5 steps accelerate the solving of blockages for the factor one million each.

Level Blockage
10 Feelings
20 Beings
30 Magic
40 Hardware incl. shields
45 Software

The next levels establish protection.


Level Protected area
47.5 Soul body
50 1st chakra
3.5 2nd chakra
55 3rd chakra
57.5 4th chakra
60  5th chakra
62.5 6th and 7th chakra
65 Astral body

Generally this protection is for the chakra, its energy supply, its side chakras, chakra connections, body channels and body parts. If the protection is complete, the energy system is untouchable! The powers of the Central Sun-Oversoul take care of that. But the whole thing is not that simple.

If for example one energy supply is blocked, the blockage has to be removed first before the connection can get its protection. The same goes for the body parts. The soul channel must be free; but if it weren’t free the soul could not have installed the new modules.

Aside from that all chakras and their side chakras are 100% protected, even if they still have blockages. Impaired chakra connections and body channels are repaired and protected automatically.

When my protection was complete my astral body was gone. I found it in the middle of the lion’s den – among invaders in Israel. My presence as an incarnated being was needed in order for helpers to remove taps from invaders by which they were fed.

My astral body came back after a full week because it had to do the same on the whole planet. After that it had earned itself a coffee.

The next 7 steps activate the perception channels.

Level Perception Channel
80 Clairaudience
82.5 Clairvoyance
85 Telepathy
87.5 Nose
90 Tongue
92.5 Future
95 Past

I cannot say too much on that because my perception has been blocked extremely. So for me this activation hasn’t made much of a difference.

The further steps up to 100 serve the making or repair of subtle parts in the physical body parts, e. g. the interface parts in the body parts.

It doesn’t stop at 100 but you should have the possibility of finding out some things for yourselves. The most important things are explained here.

The activation of these channels does not mean that one is being healed or already healed. It is possible that you don’t notice any difference for a long time because many blockages built into us cannot be deleted automatically. They require manual work. What the helpers can do they do. For example they use our new powers to heal family members and friends – well, as much as they can. They can’t delete the very high shields by themselves, and especially they can’t solve contracts we made however forced they may have been. If you suspect contracts to be there, you can ask them to solve those. But your decision is needed.

Corrections for the outside Channels

New modules – new outside channels
Outside channels foot chakras right and left:

  1. Contact with Earth beings and
  2. Contact with humans and animals

Outside channel heart chakra:

  1. Make connections.

Partnership works without outside channel.

Outside channel second chakra:

  1. Miracle healing 1
  2. Miracle healing 2
  3. Intention/path from solar plexus
  4. Wealth = tools from root chakra

Outside channel hand chakra /right and left) and fingers

  1. Healing
  2. Healing feelings
  3. Destroying
  4. Removing of beings
  5. Telekinesis 1, 2 and 3
  6. The home – root chakra
  7. Making room/space – solar plexus chakra

Further correction:

Telekinesis 2 and 3 only have one common module, so module 9 = telekinesis 1, module 10 = telekinesis 2 and 3.

What I called telekinesis 3 in former Nephilim should be renamed super-telekinesis. This is about huge masses which can be moved or changed.