Article 1

The 500er Program Package

January 5, 2014

Franz Earl

I described the use of 500ers in devices and objects in Journal 1. Here it is about the use of 500ers in humans.

As far as I found out there is a million people whose things and devices have been sabotaged with 500ers. But the direct manipulation of humans concerns ca. a billion people.

The 500ers are being used on very specific body parts. Large amounts of negative feelings can thus accumulate in those body parts. This has several effects.

  1. The ethereal function of the body part is out of order.
  2. The physical function of the body part is limited.
  3. The body part develops symptoms from large accumulation.

The person is psychically burdened with those feelings.

Yesterday, in Journal 1, I wrote about the “evil programs in our household”. This topic unfolded further today and it seems to become an important issue.

Before I get to it there is a missing detail from yesterday. I forgot our mirrors. They all had the 500er programs and they were heavily loaded with negative feelings. And my car battery which actually lies in its last hours had three 500er and was loaded with three different feelings.

Once again a short explanation;

A 500er package (I call it 500er) consists of ca. 500 ethereal noxious programs which have been built into things, humans and animals by astral invader beings.

Such a package draws negative feelings of other people to it and accumulates them. A 500er is always programmed for one kind of feeling. In order to draw in various feelings several 500ers must be used.

Very often there are two beings added to a 500er. One has to go into exile, the second has to be healed and freed.

A quick check in persons I know showed that people whom I perceive as massively burdened with problems have 20 through 30 500ers. I was able to count the accumulated feelings to 200 through 500 old hours.

These feelings are in the body. For comparison: the Lemuria trauma is in the Lemurian soul part of a person so it isn’t felt directly. Although the soul is limited in its ability to act, it will never push this pile of feelings into the actual body because it wouldn’t be able to bear it.

However, these feelings of the 500ers are in the body and if you don’t want to feel them – which is normal because they are from other people – you have to suppress them. This means sooner or later they will lead to painful symptoms and illnesses. Besides, our energies create reality in the outside world. The more you suppress them the more they go to the outside.

The 500ers were applied specifically by the invaders in order to force addictions, dependencies and illnesses. However that doesn’t mean that all addictions or illnesses are the result of 500ers. There are many possible causes for problems but if the 500ers are the cause healing will hardly be possible without removing the 500ers and their effects.

Some Examples of Dependencies, Addictions and Illnesses:

Nicotine addiction:

Body part Kind of feeling
Lungs Lack of emotions*

 *  Lack of positive and satisfying emotions. This planted feeling creates a real lack of emotions as well. This lack is the main cause for addictions.


Body part Emotion
Colon, ascending Lack of emotion
Adrenal glands Fear


Drug addiction:

Body part Emotion
Colon, ascending Lack of emotion
Colon, horizontal "
Colon, descending "
Lungs "
Heart "
Adrenal glands Fear
Hypothalamus Emotional pain
Epiphysis "

There are three separate 500ers on the colon.


Body part Emotion
Small bowel Fear
Adrenal glands Fear


Alcohol addiction:

Body part Emotion
Epiphysis Fear
Hypothalamus "
Small bowel "
Small bowel Rage

There are two 500ers on the small bowel.


Body part Emotion
Epiphysis Fear
Hypothalamus Guilt
Adrenal glands Despair
Colon, ascending Fear
Colon, ascending Rage

It is correct: twice colon, ascending.

I see these five factors and the conditioning for cancer. Where and how cancer grows depends on further causes. 


Body part Emotion
Epiphysis Fear
Hypothalamus Guilt
Adrenal glands Rage
Thyroid Rage
Parathyroid   Rage

Here it‘s mainly the adrenal glands that receive many hours of rage and push them into the body.


Body part Emotion
Epiphysis Fear
Hypothalamus Guilt
Adrenal glands Rage

Here the main cause is the fear in the epiphysis.

High blood pressure:

Body part Emotion
Heart Shame


Frequent urinary urgency:

Body part Emotion
Bladder Lack of emotion



Body part Emotion
Hypothalamus Guilt
Colon, ascending Emotional pain
Colon, descending "
Kidneys "

According to each allergy more 500ers can be added to those, as can quite different causes.

It is quite interesting to know these correlations but they aren’t necessary for the healing process since I ask how many 500ers are in one person without asking for the details. Then I have all programs removed. This may take 10 minutes per 500er which shows that they are deep-going programs. However I don’t have to wait all this time.

Then I check the number of the exile beings and remove them together, next I heal all healable beings at the same time. After that I state how many hours of the various feelings are present in total; ergo how much rage, fear, etc., and have them deleted. This may eventually take days. At the end of questioning I check whether I forgot something.

It would be important to know whether a certain disease is typically caused by 500ers. For example I didn’t find anything for heart attack. This must have other causes in most cases. So people who have questions about certain problems can write to me. I will publish the results for everyone.